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Racing the 1962 - 1965 B Body Mopars - Page Two

Rick Johnson


'64 Plymouth Belvedere

'64 Plymouth Savoy

1964 Plymouth The Iron Peddler

1964 Plymouth Savoy

1964 Dodge Polara

1964 Dodge Dragtime

1964 Dodge 330 WILDCAR-GO

1964 Plymouth Savoy Plain Jane

1964 Dodge 440

1964 Plymouth Savoy Quarter Pounder

1964 Plymouth Max Wedge 10.44 dial in

1964 Plymouth Jersey Duke

1964 Plymouth Belvedere Runaway (Anyone help ID the history of this car?)

1964 Dodge Polara (March 9, 2009)

Big Jim Marsh and his 1964 Dodge 330

Golden Commando Script


Meyer Family Racing 1965 Dodge Coronet 440 1997 Mopar Nationals Max Wedge Shootout Runner-up.

Dick Landy's '65 Dodge

Wayne and Wendy Harnage's 1965 Dodge

Belvedere I

1965 Plymouth Belvedere

Yankee Peddler 1965 Dodge (clone).

1965 Plymouth II, Buckeye Brawler

Salvation Racing (formerly 'Courtesy Dodge') Coronet

1965 Dodge Coronet

Brian Kohlmann and his 1965 Dodge S/FX car

1965 Coronet

1965 Hemi Coronet

1965 Plymouth Belvedere II

1965 Dodge Coronet Super Stock Dodge

1965 Dodge Hemi One owner!

Belvedere I 426 Hemi!

1965 Hemi Belvedere

the original Candies and Hughes altered wheelbase 1965 A/FX Hemi Jake's Speed Equipment Plymouth A site is dedicated to FLASHBACK, a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II altered wheelbase 426 Hemi car. [external link]
1965 Plymouth Superstock Owners List
1965 Dodge Superstock Owners List and Assorted AWB cars

NSS mixed years from the Cowtown Mopars Mopar Club -- (includes some post-1965 Mopars. Loooooooong download time from a dial up, so prepare to wait, but good stuff!)

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