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1965 Super Stock Dodge Factory Owners List

(Partial) *Source: Authenticity Guide -- 1965 Dodge and Plymouth Hemi Super Stocks by Jim Schild

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Alan Weinke writes: I am aware of two cars that were in Ohio: Si Gary Dodge out of Lorain Ohio, owner was Harm Friend; second was Mary Ann Foss out of, I believe, Bellefontaine, Ohio. I am not sure that the second one was Wes Koogle's machine to begin with.

Jerry Koons writes: Wes Koogle was my partner. The car was indeed sold in 1966 to the Foss family and Mary Ann was to drive it. They lived in Bellville, Ohio just South of Mansfield where Wes and myself were based.

Craig Handley writes: Peppermint Flash - Russel Funk. It was either bought at Ray Rixman or Frawley Dodge. It was altered in 1966 to run AFX. The car was later run as Taurus by my partner and me. It was destroyed in a crash in 1973. We now run another original AFX El Toro on the nostalgia circuits.

David M Banwarth writes: There was a 1965 Dodge 426 with 2 X 4 on a cross ram manifold that was owned by Larry Knopp in MD. I think it was sponsored by Ourisman Dodge in Hyattsville, MD. It was stock Bronze color with push-button automatic. The name of the car was Go Time. It had a caricature on the rear of a pistol slinging cartoon figure. I rode in it one time. What an awesome car. I have tried to find Larry since then but don't know where to find him.

Frank Pellegrino writes: Just a little addition to the info on the 1965 Dodge Coronet Pandemonium. It was purchased at Grand Spaulding Dodge in Chicago and the car was acid dipped at the factory to lighten it up. The best time on it was 10.00 131mph Carbureted on Sunoco 260. I ran it in the 3200 lb. class AFX. I was in the very first East vs West funny Car meet, that concluded at Lions in 1966. I also have the original factory 426 Hemi Manual that came with the car. I have no idea where this car is today, but would like to see it again. Also, as far as I know, all of the Dodge and Plymouth Factory built AFXrs were two door sedans, not hardtops. All of the hardtops were equipped with Street Hemis, i.e., steel heads, and less horsepower.

loomy writes: My friend bought a Coronet race Hemi new from Boch Dodge in Norwood Mass. The Mopar was burgandy in color with tan interior, had an automatic transmission and was called the THE SHAKER.

Mike Gagnon writes in February 2009:

I think I can add a few cars to your growing list of 1965 Hemi Coronets:

Also: Ben Moody was from Arlington VA, the Argyle car was run by John Petrie (who also had a 1965 Plymouth) from Cooksville ONT, and Ed Knezevich was from Columbus OH and his car was called Humpin Hemi.

Other original owners might be: Lynn Balek (MN), Larry Cooper (LA), Tom Crutchfield (IN), Leonard Hughes (LA), Dale Mineer (KY) [see note below], AJ Lancaster (TN), Gene O'Neill (MA), Bob Porter (OH), Paul Richardson (OH), Jerry Vanek (ONT) [See August 2012 note below], Ray Wilkes (OH), Bob Banning Dodge, (MD)

In January 2010 Rtatman writes: "My good friend Dale Mineer did in fact purchase and race Miss Coronet, a 1965 a990 Dodge from the time he bought it new until he became ill. He and Miss Coronet parted ways in January 2009 when my good friend Dale passed away. His beloved Miss Coronet has been passed on to his son Rick in Kentucky. Both will be missed by many."

In August 2012 Hap Gooder writes: "Jerry Vanek was not the orginal owner of a 1965 Dodge Coronet. The original owner was Jim Almeter and it was called Thunder 11 from Attica New York. Then Jerry Vanek bought the car and painted it red and called it The 1/4 Mile Hustler. This Dodge is now [August 2012] owned by Hap Gooder from Fort Erie Ontario. The Mopar is restored to original condition when bought and it was known as Thunder 11."

In December 2013 Vince writes: "I know that Bill Thomas drove the 1965 Chicagoland Dodge Dealers car. I met him at Dan Miller Dodge in Zion Ill. I was driving the Dan Miller Dodge car that year."

On January 5, 2018 Seth Jones writes: "Dick Trout from Marion Indiana bought one new from Hiatt Dodge in Fairmont Indiana. Car was silver and called The Silver Bullet. I saw it for sale probably 10 years ago on eBay, survived pretty well but had somebody else name on the side."

On May 13, 2018 Bob Buntin writes: Perhaps I now own this vehicle. According to the FCA Historical Services, where I submitted the VIN, my car was originally delivered to Hiatt Dodge in Marion, Indiana and according to the plate, was medium blue poly. This particular car was (along the way) campaigned by Jim Hale and Tom Crutchfield and the motors were built by Walt Ulrich. It has since seen several owners until I purchased it in June of 2017 from Jim Hale. It is being prepped for Nostalgia racing.

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