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1962 - 1965 B Body Mopars

The original focus of this web site was exclusively targeted to the 1962 to 1965 Mopar B Body platform vehicles.

This site has expanded the content focus since it went on-line in 1997. A great deal of the material spread throughout this web site still applies to the B Body vehicles.

Bob Marshall's DODGE MATERIAL from Ohio. 1965 SS/BA Hemi Dodge Coronet. Photo was taken by Dave McGee at the Mopar Muscle Southern Classic event in 1999. Bob won SS at that event: 9 second early B. Photo courtesy of

Here are some links to sections and references that apply mainly to the great B Body Mopar platform style; also included are links to web sites with similar content.
Nobody meaner than the little ol' lady from Pasadena

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