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Racing the 1962 - 1965 B Body Mopars -- Page One

These Mopars are still terrorizing the competition. Take a look at some pictures of these fine racing cars.

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B's Staging to Race

1965 Plymouth Barracuda Golden Commando drag race. Thanks to Jerry Carrico for the picture! Click the picture to see more.


1962 Dodge 413 Ramcharger

Lynn, Carolyn, and Craig Meyer's 1962 Plymouth Fury running 10.80's to 10.90's!

Plymouth 1/8th miler!

6.6's 210 mph pro street 1962 Plymouth Fury Wagon when owned by Todd Shepherd.
'62 Plymouth Pro street 7.41@198 mph all steel 1962 Plymouth Fury Wagon when owned by Todd Shepherd.

Note: Todd Shepherd's wagon was sold to Ted Evans in Michigan.

'62 Plymouth Fury Wagon

Dart Outlaw 10.5

Keller Racing '62 Dart


Jim Swancott's 1963 426 Dodge Polara

Ron Gray's Plymouth Fury (low 11's) and Duane Gray's Plymouth Belvedere (mid 12's)

1963 Plymouth Belvedere Aluminum front Austrailan quarteer miler!

1963 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon one of Jerry Stein's [TEACHER'S PET] old S/S cars.

1963 Dodge Hustler of Joe Murray
[Note: this off site page has many other pics; the '63 is about 1/2 way down the page. The text there says the '63 is a 413, probably it is a 426.]

1963 Polara 500 Ramcharger

1963 Dodge Polara GRAMATAN DODGE -- Help identify this Dodge!

Keller Racing '63 Dodge

Plymouth Savoy Maximus from Chuck Emery

1963 Dodge Polara from Bad Judgement Racing


Mixed Year Racing

'65 Dodge trim font
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