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1965 Plymouth Hemi Belvedere

Joe writes:

My dad Joe Mialki owned an original race hemi from the factory. The letters on the side the car read "Joe & Julie Mialki" after my dad and mom. (Just for the record, the car was originally purchased from Frank Barnet, and Dave Rayborn currently owns it.)

1965 Plymouth Hemi Belvedere

His 1965 Hemi Belvedere was one of a kind, and for all those engine guy's, motors by the "slippery Dick" beat all. That is, my dad had his engines built by a man named Dick Bacchacci. He was a big Comp. Eliminator engine builder, but he only built Chevy's. My my dad went to him as a friend and said "give it a try."

Dick put a tune on it that back then even Bob Reed begged to know what was done to it, no b/s. Dick always kept his secrets, though, and that's why he's "slippery". :-)

My dad and I just bought another factory super stock A990 and Dick once again will build the engines: when I race, just like back then, I want to show them all that Barton doesn't have to build an engine for it to run!
Nice tribute, Joe!

Yes, these Mopars were quite spectacular then.

They still are, of course! As you know and continue to know!  smile!

Gary H.

December 5, 2002

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