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1965 Dodge War Horse

Wayne and Wendy Harnage wrote:

We hope every one comes by and see us at the track. 1965 Dodge races a 1962 Plymouth

We also love to bench us at this address:

'65 Dodge

'65 Dodge

'65 Dodge

'65 Dodge

UPDATE! June, 2000

I am now installing a fresh RAY BARTON Hemi!

'65 Dodge

I will let you know how it works out. We are trying to make the Carlisle Mopar day at the track in PA.

Update! September, 2000

The finished car:

'65 Dodge War Horse

Update June 2002

I have purchased a 1969 Dodge D300 car hauler I am restoring it now to haul the Warhorse on!

Here is a recent picture and what the 1/4 mile clock reports on the Dodge!

1965 Dodge quartermiler 1965 Dodge time 1/4 mile

1965 Dodge pulls wheels up

NICE car, Wayne and Wendy! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Btw, the side of the car has "Videon Dodge, Edgemont, PA" written on the back quarter panels.

Folks in PA: look for this car!

RE: Updates: HEMI! Too cool. Folks in Pennsylvania and the notheast, now you have no excuse not to check out Wayne and Wendy's Dodge!

Not that you'd need an excuse to see a '65 Dodge at the 1/4 track!   smile!
Gary H.

February 19, 2000; revised April 25, 2000; June 21, 2000; September 13, 2000; June 1, 2002; June 23, 2002

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