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1965 Plymouth Belvedere II -- Buckeye Brawler

Dave Goerlich writes:

While I don't own a '62-'65, I thought I'd pass along a pic and a little info on on my buddy's '65 Belvedere II race car.

From the history I know of the car, it's been a race car a LONG time, possibly all it's life.

The Plymouth:

1965 Plymouth - Brawler

From what I understand, the lettering on the car was done in early 1966 - the car still wears it's factory red paint. The current owner, Donny Johnson has owned the car since 1992 and is the 4th owner of the car.

This pic was taken in 1999 at the Norwalk Chrysler Classic.

Donny has some significant motor work planned for this winter, and the Brawler should be running in the mid to low 10's next season.

Thanks Dave!

Your friend has a true Mopar survivior! Neat.

Thanks for sharing your friend's Plymouth.

Even after all this time the Plymouth still brings good feelings when it runs down the drag strip!

Gary H.

November 17, 2000

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