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1964 Plymouth, Jersey Duke

Murf writes:

With the Jersey Duke I am just coming home to Mopars and drag racing after many years running in circles as a member of Penske Indy Car Team and running Sprints myself and Quarter Midgets with my son.

1964 Plymouth Jersey Duke drag racer         1964 Plymouth Jersey Duke drag racer
Recently we ran 9.92 @ 136.75 with a relatively mild motor.

The secret is to be light, very light!

Many Mopars I see have these big stroker motors in them to go in the tens, but the car weighs 3600 to 3800 or more with driver.

This Plymouth weighs a little over 3000 lbs -- with me in it!

Yup, we had a field day with the sawzall, and all non-structural bolts are aluminum. We even cut the backs off of the dash guages with a band saw!

I have about 8 hours in the hood hinges drilling and lightening, glass hood, deck lid, bumpers, lexan windows, Ford 9 inch rear with coilovers etc., etc.!

Keep it light!

NOTE: if anyone has a set of tail lights for this car, please contact Murf!

Thanks, Murf!

Welcome back to drag racing and Mopars!

The "Jersey Duke" is a heck of a way to return!

Great!  smile!

Gary H.

June 17, 2002

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