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Runaway  -  a 1964 Plymouth quarter-miler

Art writes:

I just located a 1964 Belvedere that is evidentially a factory drag racer  -  the real deal.

Supposedly, it was campaigned everywhere and bought by a gentleman who recently died. The Plymouth was stored for 12 to 15 years after he raced it some.

Anyone have some history on this car?

1964 Plymouth Runaway drag racer

What is known is that a man named Chuck Miller raced the car in northern VA through 1990. The Plymouth was a bracket racer and Chuck went to the div. 2 bracket meet in GA in 1990.

Any help determining the original owner is welcome!

I was also told that the Plymouth was owned by Peewee Wallace at one time.

Any help to on how to trace this Plymouth's roots is appreciated! Please e-mail me if you can help!

Love a mystery, Art!

Please let me know what you find out and I will post that information here!  Mopar smile!

Gary H.

March 24, 2003

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