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1965 Dodge Coronet

Steve Reasbeck writes:

I have owned this 1965 Coronet since March 1969, and used it as a driver/racer with a variety of engines until 1972, when it was built as you see it here.

1965 Dodge Coronet
At home on the quarter mile

Along with the conversion to an all out race car, it was decided to use Hemi power, which has been used exclusively since that time. Using Hemi power, the Dodge eventually carded a best of 10.71 at 125+ mph. It was successfully campaigned throughout Pa. and Ohio through the late 1980's, when health problems as well as other obligations forced me into semi-retirement. Our family experienced some rough times, and the lessons learned, although hard, were well worth learning. It drastically changed my outlook on a lot of things.

In 1995, at the urging of my oldest son, we dusted it off, checked some things out, and were privileged to accept an invitation to the Super Car Showdown in Salem, Ohio, and attended that event again in 1996. We also accepted an invitation to put it on display at Chryslers @ Carlisle in 1998.

With my health improving, and my kids becoming grown ups (one out of college, one out of high school with one remaining in high school), I have gotten together with old friend Bob George to prepare a fresh hemi with the intention of running some nostalgia events in late 2001.

1965 Dodge Coronet

This car is also pictured in the new Hemi engine manual, on page 158.

By the way, one of the methods that we put gas in our old hemi is by selling copies of original 8mm drag films that I had put on video cassette. These are scenes that I shot from 1966-1973, and although are not professional, the feedback we get seems to be very good. This is not a bona fide side business, just something we do to create some gas and entry fee money so I don't have to rob the mortgage account. It is very heavily MoPar flavored, not surprising considering my history: As noted above, I obtained my car in 1969, but my cousin had bought a 1964 lightweight Hemi when they were new, and I went to the races with him. Anyone interested in the video, see below:

NOSTALGIA DRAG VIDEO 1966-1973: Set to period music, and feature front motored dragsters, funnies, early Pro Stocks, and many, many, SuperStockers, Stockers, and other sportsman cars. Pro names include Sox and Martin, Jenkins, Landy, Vanke, the MoPar Missile, as well as big name funnies and fuelers. Super Stock MoPars include Tritak and Morgan's '63 max wedge wagon, Judy Lilly, Carol Fink's 67 RO car, and many more. Events include: '66Top Fuel match in Altoona, Pa.; '69 Super Stock Nationals @ York US30; '70 Summernationals @ York US30; '71 Summernationals @ Englishtown NJ; '73 Summernationals @ Englishtown NJ; and the '73 Springnationals @ National Trail in Columbus, Ohio. $15.00 + $2.50 shipping and handling. Email to address below or mail to S Reasbeck, PO Box 94, Mineral Point, Pa. 15942

Update March 2009

Here are some recent photos of my 1965 Dodge. We are now hot and heavy again in the Nostalgia Super Stock “movement.“

1965 Dodge Coronet
Kyle in the Hemi, BSD Nostalgia Nationals 2005
1965 Dodge Coronet
Big Steve @ Chrysler Classic PRP

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Thanks, Steve!

I can't think of a better way to feel better than to get back romping in a '65 Hemi B!

You are sure to have a blast with your Dodge!

Gary H.

April 16, 2001; revised September 5, 2001; March 7, 2009

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