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Mopar Oil Pans

Rudy Nilo writes:

Here are oil pan dimensions given in the Mopar Performance Chassis Book.

B engine 1964 to 1965 Hemi, oil pan dimensions
2468981 - B engine 1964 to 1965 Hemi

B engine 1964 to 1965 B Body, engine oil pan dimensions
2465195 - B engine 1964 to 1965 B Body

A engine, 1964 A and B body engine oil pan dimensions
2463408 - A engine, 1964 A and B body

A engine,  1965 - 1966 A and B body oil pan dimensions
2463517 - A engine, 1965 - 1966 A and B body


Mike O. writes:

The following photographs depict the differences between the 187 oil pan and a pan with no stamped number which came out of a 1965 Dodge Coronet (361). I've done this in hopes to eliminate confusion during future engine swaps, and oil pan swaps. The bottom line is, the 187 pan does not fit in a stock '65 B-body. In the captions the 187 pan is referred to as 187 and the other is 1965 B-Body.

Below: 187 on top, not quite to scale; the pan on the bottom is a perfect fit in my 1965 Coronet big block (361/383).
Note the dark area next to the 187 stamping where that pan rested on the steering drag link.
A engine,  1965 - 1966 A and B body oil pans

A engine,  1965 - 1966 A and B body oil pans
187 pan on the left, 1965 B-Body pan on the right. Note the differences in height both in the sump and at the rear.

Mopar oil pans
Rear of the pans showing how shallower the 1965 B-Body pan is compared to the 187.

Mopar oil pans
Comparison of both pans with the 187 on the left.
The flange dimensions are the same; one has a gasket and one does not.
The 1965 B-Body pan has a baffle (the hole is for the dipstick).
The tape measure shows 15 inches next to this hole, 23 inches on top.

Mopar oil pans
Front of the pans showing how shallow the 1965 B-Body pan is in front to clear the K-member, and also for that reason the sump is pushed back farther than on the 187. Note the chipped paint on the 187 pan where it touched the K-member (it touched on both sides).

Mopar oil pans oil pickup tubes
Pickups tubes. The 1965 B-Body tube is angled to clear the baffle in the pan. The 187 tube is longer and will not interchange with the 1965 B-body pan, even if part of the baffle is cut away.

Mopar oil pans
Overall comparison of both pans, with 1965 B-Body pan in front.

Mopar oil pans compared
Comparison of three big block Mopar oil pans:
The top pan is from a 1965 Plymouth Satellite;
The center pan is a #187 pan from a 1968 Plymouth Fury;
and the bottom picture is a #402 pan from a 1969 Charger.
(Click on the picture for a larger view.)
Thanks to Rob Lipinski for the above three pan comparison!

Rob Lipinski sends in pictures comparing four Mopar big block oil pans:
Four Big Block Mopar oil pans compared Left picture:
Top: 1965 Satellite 361
Next: #187 1968 Fury
Next: #402 1969 Charger
Bottom:A pan bought from
Mancini a couple years
ago; it came with the 1/2"
diameter pickup.The pan is very
close in shape to the #187 pan
but slightly deeper and with baffles.
We call it a "HEMI" 1 pan due to the
lack of any markings.
Four Big Block Mopar oil pans compared
          Right picture:
          Left: 1965 Satellite 361
          Next: #187 1968 Fury
          Next: #402 1969 Charger
          Right: "HEMI" 1
1  Ron adds:
"The pan we bought from Mancini we call the 'HEMI' pan should actually be called a deep, baffled 187 pan, as it has the notches for suspension like the 187."

Thanks again to Rob Lipinski for the above four pan comparison!

Note: The Mopar part number for a center sump pan was P5249063, which came with the pickup and dipstick. (May be discontinued.)
The pan only part number is 5007807. Thanks to George Smith, Wally Breer and Joe Huff for this info!

Gary Bradshaw reports a good fit putting a Milodon oil pan in a big block 1962 Dart. The Milodon oil pan part number is 31010. Thanks, Gary!

Joe writes: On my 1965 Plymouth Satellite with a 451 stroker I used the 1970 - 1971 E body Hemi pan and 1/2 inch pickup: P4529884. It is a 6 quart pan with 5 inch sump; the front of the sump is about 3 inches back from the timing cover gasket. I had to notch the frame about 3/4 inch, but I’m happy with the install and the ground clearance. The pan also has front and rear baffles to keep the oil from climbing into the rods. (August 22, 2005)

Update September 2005

John writes: I think that everyone knows about oil pan issues for our cars. I purchased a Moroso 20760 pan for my 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 after being told by Summit that they were reworked to fit '62-'65 chassis. The notch at the back of the sump looked like it was going to do the trick. Anyway, after buttoning everything up, I found that the center link barely touched the bottom of the pan. I just finished modifying the center link by taking a piece of 1 inch mild steel rod, heating and bending the ends to conform to the original, and after prepping both pieces, mig welded the new piece to the bottom of the original. II kept the new piece 1 inch shorter per side than the distance between the pitman arm and idler arm holes. After tack welding, I cut out the original piece and finished the welds. Now I have 1 inch between the pan and center link, no binding, and most importantly, stock steering geometry.
Oil pan clearance - 1965 Dodge Oil pan clearance - 1965 Dodge
Oil pan clearance - 1965 Dodge Oil pan clearance - 1965 Dodge
Oil pan clearance - 1965 Dodge

Update December 2005

Nico writes: The Moroso 7 quart pan, part number 20760, is redesigned. It now is supposed to fit the 1962 - 1965 Mopar chassis. I have not used one myself so I can not give installation problems/fit etc.

Bob F. writes: There were TWO (read that 2) Moroso high capacity oil pans WITH THIS SAME PART NUMBER! Moroso changed the design some 2-3 years ago now...BUT KEPT THE SAME PART NUMBER..duh! The NEW part number pan fit my 440 and my chassis like a dream...it is lower (to the street, but my engine loves the extra oil). I have never hit or dragged anything with it yet and I do get it out and about. All of the above information was on the Moroso web site...way down in the fine print stuff ...that's where I found it. I have NOT modified my Plymouth’s chassis, steering, or oil pan in any way. Oil pan clearance - 1963 Plymouth

Update March 6, 2007; June 1, 2008

George Smith writes: The Mopar Performance oil pan, part # 5007807, fits the B and RB engines from 1962 to 1965. It is a center sump, 5 quart pan. Also, the matching pick-up tube needs to be bought and used, as well a windage tray.

NOTE: As of August 2008 that part Mopar Performance oil pan number was discontinued by Chrysler. Boo.

Update July 2009

Sean writes. Apparently the oil pan is again now available as P5007807AB from Summit Racing. $151.95. [July 2009 prices cited] The full part number of the matching pickup tube is P5007848 for $24.95. (If Mancini Racing is cheaper, Summit will price match them.) This pan is top-notch, with a baffle on all sides of the sump. It comes with a magnetic drain plug, also.

Update April 18, 2012

“There is an oil pan available that has very good ground clearance (sump is just over 5 inches) and great capacity (7 quarts without filter). I put this pan on my street driven 1964 Plymouth Fury with a 440 and have been very happy with it. The oil pan is made by Milodon and is called a circle track pan part #31580. They offer 1/2 and 3/8 inch pickups for this pan also. The pan is expensive, Summit lists for $395, but I have seen it priced on line for $365. The peace of mind offered by this pan when driving around is worth it. I got very tired of the 7 inch deep sump on the pan I had before. Even with tall 15 inch front tires the pan still scraped many times. This circle track pan really helps the engine, If you like to enjoy the power these engines can offer when properly tuned, (and I do) then I highly recommend this oil pan. I really like these ’62 to ’65 Mopars. If you own one you owe it to the car to make sure it runs properly. These are the cars that put Mopar on the performance map. Hope this helps, Mopar to ya.” —  Mark Chancey

Mike C. writes: The Moroso 20760 (7 quart + filter) and 2480 (1/2 inch) or 24750 (3/8 inch) pickup worked perfectly without any modifications on my 1964 Plymouth Fury with a 440 RB engine. (October 9, 2015)

Bottom line: Mopar Performance P5007807AB and Milodon 31580 and the Moroso 20760 noted above are the new oil pans currently available (October 2015) that fit 1962 to 1965 Mopar B body cars.

Thanks everyone for your help!

Gary H.

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