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Mopar of the Month: February, 2000

1964 Dodge Polara

Rudy Nilo writes:

The car was a Texas car driven until 1989 before it made its way to Wisconsin. I bought it in 1992.

1964 Dodge

Originally a 318 pushbutton, it now has a +60 440 block &'452' heads I bought from McCandless.

The 6-pak was installed just before the '99 Mopar Nats. The cam is a 501 lift, 244/244 duration Comp x-treme, Crane Hi-6 ignition.

1964 Dodge

A four speed with a 3.55 Sure Grip completes the driveline.

The bench interior was replaced with the complete interior from a well preserved '500' donor car.

At the time I put the car on the street,the only pushbutton delete plate I had on hand was from a '64 Fury, so I went with the Canadian look!

1964 Dodge

I haven't done anything to the body or paint yet.

The only exterior change was the hood. I couldn't see scrapping a rusty Polara hood or the Barracuda hood, so I put them together for a little bit of a different look.

1964 Dodge

1964 Dodge

I got tired of being one of three identical cars down to ram charger scoop that shows up at the weekly cruise-ins.

1964 Dodge

This Winter I have started to do some work on the interior. I'm in the process of recarpeting the console and hopefully have the front buckets recovered before Spring.

Hopefully, this Summer will just involve some fine-tuning and a lot of cruising!

Thanks, Rudy!

I can't recall recently seeing three 1964 Dodges show up at a local car cruise, not to mention three with Ramcharger style hoods! Obviously, there is exceptionally good taste in Mopars in your part of the world. :-)

You have done a great job with the car.

I'm sure your upcoming Summer driving will no doubt bring smiles to all who see this Polara! Except for those who only see the Dodge's tail lights, that is. :-)

Oh yeah, you'll feel pretty good shiftin' the Dodge's gears too! :-)

Gary H.

February, 2000

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