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1965 Coronet 500

Mike Oestreich wrote:

1965 Dodge 500

Love your site! I'm 16, and I actually began looking for my first car sometime after I saw this site.

About 2 months ago I purchased my first car: a 1965 Coronet 500!

It has the original 383, auto, and an Edelbrock 4bbl. Power steering, the 383, and the auto trans where the only options on the car.

Everything is very clean, though I'm putting in an electronic ignition sometime in the next couple weeks, and re-installing a heater which had been taken out. I plan to put a set of headers on as soon as I can afford them.

Having a big block Mopar for my first car was exciting, and I enjoy having the fastest car at my highschool!

UPDATE August, 2000

I'm 17 now, and I've had my Coronet for almost a year with very few problems.

The major one was a transmission rebuild, brought on by the previous owner's lack of installing a kickdown linkage. My first rebuild has proved a success! I worked on that all summer but I'm glad I did it, it sure was terrible not being able to drive her the first summer, but I'm making up for that now!

1965 Dodge 500 361

I also found out that I don't have a 383, but its a 361. I have put in electronic ignition, along with a Carter 625cfm AFB,

(I edited my house number to be an engine callout in the photo, wouldn't it be neat to live at 361 though?), which isn't bad at all, though I would rather have had the seller tell me what it really was.

1965 Dodge 500 front at 361 address

I also added a heater, and I supplemented the old AM radio with a hidden FM unit.

1965 Dodge 500 interior

Headers are still on hold since I had to rebuild the transmission (I got a kickdown linkage on there this time!), as well as recovering the seats. That should be a good project for the winter months.

1965 Dodge 500 side view

In the meantime, I'm happily cruising around town in my '65!

1965 Dodge 500 rear view

See an update on Mike's Mopar!

Thanks, Mike!

You have great taste in Mopars, and quite a High School ride!

Be careful with the car, as you are preseving a piece of history as well! These Mopars look just as good parked as driving, and the 500 should prove a great conversation starter for attracting a crowd and helping you get to know people. :-)

Enjoy the ride!

UPDATE: Wow, you're doing a fantastic job. Havin' lots of fun and learning stuff too! Sounds great!

Gary H.

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