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318 Polyspherical Mopar Engine Fuel Pump Heat Shield

Rich writes: Here is a fuel pump heat shield I made up from .019" sheet metal to prevent fuel boiling in hot weather in my 1964 Dodge Polara.

poly 318 fuel pump heat shield

poly 318 fuel pump heat shield template with measurements

poly 318 fuel pump heat shield installed poly 318 fuel pump heat shield installed

The metal I bought at Home Dept; it comes in 1' x 1', 1' x 2', or 3' x 3'. It is what I could find. I put the gasket against the block and the metal on top of it.

Update May 2009: As noted above, I originally put one gasket on the fuel pump shield, against the block. At at highway speeds the engine was spitting some oil on the alternator. I thought I needed to put a gasket on both sides of the shield. After some tracking, I found that the fuel pump is not leaking on my car. The problem was that I forgot to retighten the waterpump cover bolt that holds the stationary end of the alternator adjuster. Dang it!

[Editor ’s Note: This heat shield should also work on the LA Mopar block; it is different than the heat shield used on Big Block Mopar motors.]

Thanks Rich!

Gary H.

February 18, 2009; May 7, 2009

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