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Mopar Fuel Pump Shield Pattern

Don writes: We shield the gas line by the headers. Here is a pattern / template for a fuel pump shield that eliminates the hard hot start problem completely.

The shield eliminates a lot of the “phantom” problems that we have driving our cars on modern fuel. What is often thought of as an ignition problem or carburetor problems turn out to be gas boiling in the fuel pump making restart almost impossible or at best difficult. After installing this shield you can just twist the key and go.

Just print this page and use the paper as a template to cut a shield from very thin aluminum. (NOTE: Computer program and monitor settings vary. Thus, printout dimensions will change from system to system. The only critical dimension is where the shield bolts to the fuel pump. Match the pattern below to a fuel pump gasket and go from there when you create a pattern to use to cut a shield out of aluminum.)

Mopar Fuel Pump Shield Pattern

Here is a picture of the fuel pump shield installed on my 1963 Dodge 426.
The shield is visable due north of the fuel pump between the block and the
fuel pump body.
Mopar Fuel Pump Shield Pattern

August 2008 - Nick Tiberio’s pictures of the heat sink he made from .015 aluminum stock, used with a Carter 6 lb. pump replacing the stock Mopar pump:

Mopar Fuel Pump Heat Shield

Thanks Don and Nick!   smile!

Gary H.

August 7, 2006; Updated September 3, 2007; August 3, 2008

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