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1965 Plymouth Belvedere II

Phil Munoa writes:

I changed my project one last time from the '63 Dodge to a '65 Belvedere II that my brother Bob found for me.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere II

We're steadily progressing on the car.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere II

The Plymouth came from the high desert in California and is literally 100% rust free. We pulled out the old carpeting and the floor boards looked like brand new. The car has never been hit and is as straight as can be.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere II

The picture of the trunk shows just how clean this car is. All we had to do to prep the trunk was use Scotchbrite on it. The underside is just as clean. So far we've got a color coat on it and just have a few door dings to fix.

The suspension is complete and includes S/S springs out back with 4.10's in the Sure Grip. All the bushings have been replaced up front and we installed disc brakes. It has Competition Engineering drag shocks all the way around. Hoosier Quicktime DOT Drag tires complete the traction package. The rear tires are 295/60 Hoosier Quicktime DOTs.

1965 Plymouth tire

The next step is the interior. I bought the interior out of Bob's wrecked Belvedere which will be put in as soon as the windshield is installed.

The engine is a 1969 440 bored .040 over with TRW pistons. I bought the Edelbrock RPM power package and aluminum heads for it. There is also a Fluidamper and Crane roller rockers. We're hoping for around 470 - 480 horsepower. The trans is being bult for street/strip duty and will be shifted by a hurst ratchet shifter. The headers are being ceramic coated and will bolt on to 3 inch exhaust all the way back.

The engine is assembled and sitting in the car awaiting the trans.

1965 Plymouth 1965 Plymouth

1965 Plymouth

It is bored .040 and includes TRW pistons, Fluidampr, MSD Pro Billet distributor and 6AL box, Edelbrock RPM Power Package (cam, intake and carb), Edelbrock RPM heads, Isky pushrods, Crane roller rockers, Cloyes double roller timing chain and gears, 1/2 inch oiling system, hemi oil pan, hemi fuel pump, TCI 3200 rpm stall converter and Mopar Performance high volume aluminum water pump. It'll all be fed by 3/8 inch fuel lines and an electric fuel pump.

Next up is installing the wiring harnesses, the roll cage and interior. By then the trans should be ready.

1965 Plymouth

We're still on track to have it ready for the Fall Fling in October.

1965 Plymouth

Bob has been incredible. He's spent countless hours on it and put his own car on the backburner.

The picture below shows my car in the foreground and Bob's in the background.
1965 Plymouths

Update November 20, 2001

1965 Plymouth headers 1965 Plymouth headers
1965 Plymouth shocks The trans and headers are installed now.

I also finished with the new stainless steel brake and 3/8 inch fuel lines.

The sure grip holds 4.10 gears and is controlled by Competition Engineering drag shocks.

Great ride Phil!

It helps to have Mopar blood in the family, of course! :-)

Keep us posted with your project's progress, please!

Gary H.

November 11, 2001; November 20, 2001

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