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1960’s Mopar Door Mirror Repair

Many Chrysler Corporation Plymouth and Dodge cars manufactured in the 1960’s had a two post mirror mounted on the door as a factory option or dealer-installed option.

Mopar Door Mirror, top view Mopar door mirror with two posts
Mopar Door Mirror with Pentastar A small Pentastar was incorporated on some of these door mirrors.

Over time and use the mirror often wore. The result is a mirror that flops around or will not stay in correct position once the wind hits it at highway speed.

What to do?

Reproduction mirrors are available, but if your mirror is is decent shape or your wallet is thin, you can repair your mirror to make it perfectly usable.

One fix is to insert a shim inside the mirror to create more friction and keep the mirror stationary.

Mopar Door Mirror Door Mirror on a 1965 Barracuda
Mopar Door Mirror, no glass Mopar door mirror with the glass removed; the glass is held on by a snap ring type retainer.
Mopar Door Mirror, top view close up Mopar door mirror pivot
Mopar Door Mirror, pivot view, close up Mopar door mirror pivot
Mopar Door Mirror, inside view without glass The arrow shows where the shim stock goes.

Another Mirror Repair Method

Herb writes: Here is a trick that works in tightening the mirror. Several people in the past have suggested adjusting them and super gluing them in place. I have taken it one step further several times with great success!

There is a snap ring holding the spring loaded glass into the housing. Remove it and remove the glass and spring. You will see the ball held by a piece of metal that is basically held in by smashing two tabs like rivet heads. I use a 1/4 drill bit to remove the heads freeing the metal plate.

Now by testing, remove a small amount of metal from the two studs.

Now the tricky part, using a # 43 drill bit, drill down the center of the two studs making sure you do not go too deep and go through the housing!

Next using a 4-40 tap, tap the two holes you just drilled making sure you support the tap at all times as you could crack the studs. (At that point in time you are back to the super glue method!)

Using two 4-40 screws, flat washers and lock washers, replace the metal tab and tighten the screws just tight enough to keep the ball compressed or tight, but adjustable!

Replace the spring, glass and snap ring then the mirror to your door.

Next adjust to your satisfaction and drive, watching things behind you and not the stripes separating the lanes!   smile!

As far as the inside mirror that is simple: some use a Phillips head screw and others use an Allen head screw to tighten the ball. Again tighten just enough to keep tight but adjustable!

Thanks Herb!   smile!

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