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Birth of the Pentastar Logo on Dodge

Per Chrysler Technical Service Buletin No. D63-87.

Effective approximately February 5, 1963 the new Chrysler Corporation insignia - “Pentastar” was incorporated in production on the right front fender of all 1963 Dart, Dodge 330, 440, Polara, Polara 500 and 880 models.

Owners of cars built prior to that who desired to have the “Pentastar” installed or for unsold cars in dealer stock, a “Pentastar” Package, P/N 2495798 was available free of charge for 90 days after the announcement.

Dealers were instructed to drill a 5/32 inch hole in the right front fender, with a 1/8 inch hole above it.

For Dodge 880, a push-in nut was installed in the 5/32 inch hole, sealer was applied to both holes and the medallion was inserted.

For Dart, Dodge 330, 440, Polara and Polara 500 models, the medallion was held with a hex nut behind the fender. The nut and location pin were then covered with sealer or undercoating.

Thanks to smike for this information!

See the Chrysler - Plymouth Pentastar TSB

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