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1962 Plymouth Savoy

August 2014 Mopar of the Month

Rick writes:This Plymouth was owned by a gentleman living in Arizona. In 2001 I met him in Las Vegas to view the Plymouth. It was “love at first sight” when I checked out the Savoy: I immediately bought this 1962 Plymouth, my favorite Mopar.

The Plymouth was originally a California slant-six three speed column shift car, (“three on the tree”). The color was sandstone, like it seems so many of the 1962 Plymouths were. The current color is Pale Jade, which is an original 1962 Plymouth color. The Plymouth was first restored and built as a 383 four-speed car using a 1969 Roadrunner drive train, with updated later model rear and disc brakes.

1962 Plymouth Savoy, side view

I always wanted a Max Wedge car but when this Plymouth was originally finished reproduction intakes and many other parts were not available. The original parts were hard to find and very expensive — especially if you included the original max wedge heads that were needed to use the intake. A few years ago a friend of mine offered to sell me the A&A Transmissions max wedge intake that he had been using on his drag car. The price was right so out came the 383. The big block was replaced with a .030 over 440 built by Whisnant Racing in Casar, NC. The engine has Speed Pro 10.25 pistons, 440 Source aluminum heads, Comp hydraulic roller cam, Hughes roller rockers and Edelbrock carbs. With the exception of the block, the motor is powder coated. The Plymouth still has the same 833 four-speed and 3.70-8.75 rear that it had as a 383.

1962 Plymouth Savoy, max wedge clone engine 1962 Plymouth Savoy, max wedge clone engine
1962 Plymouth Savoy, interior, driver side 1962 Plymouth Savoy, interior, passenger side

Unless it is a Mopar event I am amazed at how few people recognize this car. I always get lots of questions. I guess all the guys who remember these things are getting old, like me!

1962 Plymouth Savoy, driver side

The Mopar is a blast to drive!

1962 Plymouth Savoy, passenger side

UPDATE: I am now semi-retired and we plan to move residence. Unfortunately it is time to thin the herd a bit. The Savoy is For Sale.

1962 Plymouth Savoy, rear view

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A perfect example of early B-body Mopar stalth mode power personified by the entry level 1962 to 1965 B-body Mopars.   smile!

Gary H.

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