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1962 Plymouth “Sport Fury”

July 2014 Mopar of the Month

Rick writes: I bought this Plymouth in 1999 as an original rust-free California car. Manufactured as a Fury, I have converted the Mopar into “Sport Fury” configuration. The most significant changes since 1999 to the convertible are the Sport Fury interior has been added and the ugly red convertible top has been replaced with black canvas. The correct Sport Fury trim has also been added along with factory air. I also have and plan to install power windows. For highway power, I installed a .030 over 440 with two Carter 4 barrels in line in place of the original 318 Poly. To help stop that Mopar power I installed 1979 Chrysler disc brakes.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury clone, front
1962 Plymouth Sport Fury clone, interior 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury clone, interior
1962 Plymouth Sport Fury clone, passenger front 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury clone, passenger side rear

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury clone, engine
1962 Plymouth Sport Fury clone , driver front 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury clone, rear, top up

I’ve been to dozens of cruises and car shows in the years since purchase. It’s a very rare occasion to see another 1962 Plymouth in attendance. The Plymouth gets a lot of closer looks usually because people have never seen one and in some cases don’t know what it is. I’ve actually had people ask if it's a Studebaker. If they do recognize the car as a Plymouth only a very few know what year it is. At one cruise a guy came by and took at least 20 pictures. I asked him if he was a car guy and he said ""yes". The very nice 1967 Corvette a few cars down was his.

Why a 1962 Plymouth? In 1962 when I was only 14 years old a guy living down the block from us bought a 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury. I loved that car. I can remember my Dad remarking that he couldn’t understand why anyone would buy a car that ugly! So naturally I bought my first 1962 Sport Fury in 1966! The Mopar was a 318 three-on-the-tree.

Although I’ve had many desirable old cars over the years of all different brands I still like the 1962 Plymouths best of all.

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Great going Rick!

Over a decade of Mopar fun and still counting!   smile!

Gary H.

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