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Mopar of the Month: June, 2000

1965 Plymouth Barracuda

Phil Munoa writes:

Now that the car is painted and polished I can't stop for gas without someone wanting to stop and chat about it.

1965 Barracuda

I'm also getting a lot of thumbs up driving down the road.

1965 Barracuda

The first day I drove it to work I saw a 5.0 Mustang in the rear view mirror hurrying through traffic to catch up to me. He ended up one lane over and one car back at the next stop light. I watched him lean over to read my license plate rim which says, "This fish loves horsemeat."

1965 Barracuda

I got a chuckle as I saw a look of recognition on his face as he got the meaning.

1965 Barracuda 360 motor

Between that and the rumpety rump of the 380 Magnum he got a sheepish look on his face and when the light turned green he stayed way back and drove extra conservatively. I even slowed down to let him catch up but as I would slow down he would slow down.

1965 Barracuda

1965 Barracuda

This car is going to be a lot of fun!

See this Fish's Restoration on the Works in Progress Section!

Phil now has his own web site, too!

October, 2000: Tragic Update!

Phil writes:

I've got some bad news.

My brother and I were on our way to a Mopar show in LA Saturday morning when some clown in a 5.0 Mustang lost control of his car on the freeway and caused the cars next to my brother and me to swerve. One of them cut in front of my brother and he hit him which caused them to stop like they hit a wall and I ran into them.

The short of it all is that my brother's Belvedere and my Cuda are toast.

Wrecked 1965 Barracuda    wrecked 1965 Barracuda

The good news is that we walked away from it. Someone was watching out for us.

See Phil's New 1963 Valiant Project

This months' Mopar is another tribute to someone whose blood, sweat and tears, mixed with an influx of cash, piad off big time.

Thanks, Phil, for providing the inspiration for others to keep going on their Mopar restorations!

Let's hope your Fish does not get to C Body size from munching all that 'stang meat. ;-)

---- RE: October, 2000 update. Man, how TERRIBLE to have BOTH cool Mopars wrecked at once! UGH! But, yes, thank goodness you guys were not badly hurt! ----

Gary H.
June, 2000; revised June 29, 2000; October 24, 2000; February 3, 2001

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