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1965 Dodge Coronet Super Stock Tribute

May 2009 Mopar of the Month

1965 Super Stock Dodge Coronet Tribute side view

Kent writes from OK: My Dodge is a tribute to the Mopars that Jan and Dean and later the Beach Boys were singing about: “ it’s the little old lady from Pasadena: go granny, go granny, go granny go. But parked in her rickety old garage is a brand new shiny red Super Stock Dodge.”

1965 Super Stock Dodge Coronet Tribute front

1965 Super Stock Dodge Coronet Tribute Hemi engine The Dodge is a clone of one of only 101 Super Stock Dodges built in 1965 with the code A-990, to satisfy NHRA super stock class requirements. The Mopar holds a 426 CI motor with cross ram intake, two 650 Holley carburetors with a 1966 date-coded block which dyno’d at 600 HP. The interior was trimmed in tan vinyl. 1965 Super Stock Dodge Coronet Tribute interior

The Coronet uses a column-shifted 727 TorqueFlite with reverse shift pattern, super stock lightweight seats, back seat delete, trunk mounted battery, super stock springs, single headlight, single wiper, heater and radio delete for weight savings! 1965 Super Stock Dodge Coronet Tribute rear

This Dodge is street driven, runs very cool and is quite the attention getter. It is shown and occasionally raced locally and nationally. In fact, I got a “pick” at the 2008 Goodguys show in Fort Worth, TX for Best Mopar Muscle!

Contact Kent:  contact 1965 Super Stock Dodge Coronet Tribute owner

1965 Super Stock Dodge Coronet under restoration P.S., I have another 1965 SS Coronet that I am working on and “sweating blood“ over. The Dodge was originally raced in Canada under the Courtesy Dodge banner, then sold in Michigan to Lupe’ with Salvation Racing, then to nostalgia racer Rick Nobach, then eventually ending up here in Oklahoma. I am in the process of a “frame up” restoration on that Mopar, with literally, every nut and bolt coming off and replaced or redone! I hope to have it ready by summer 2009.

Thanks Kent!

You have a great ride there! It is an “attention getter” indeed!

And your Dodge under restoration will draw the crowds too!   smile!

Gary H.

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