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November 2002 Mopar of the Month

1965 Plymouth Belvedere AWB

1965 Plymouth Belvedere AWB pass front Phil Munoa wrote:
My brother Bob is pretty much finished with his AFX car (we're never really done).

Bob's '65 draws a crowd at every car show. Between the Porsche Guards Red paint, the 528 hemi and the altered wheelbase, the car makes quite a visual statement.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere AWB plate 1965 Plymouth Belvedere AWB rear quarter

Bob assembled his own engine using a Mopar Performance block, heads, cam and intake. Other features include an MSD ignition system, Fluidampr, and Doug's Headers. The computer dyno says it should make around 700 hp at the flywheel. It shifts through a rebuilt 727 with pushbuttons and a 3800 rpm stall converter. Out back is a Dana 60 with 4.10 gears suspended on S/S springs. The three inch exhaust passes through two chamber Flowmasters. Bob uses Hoosier radial skinnies up front and Hoosier DOT Quicktimes in the back. Stainless Steel Brakes supplied the front disk conversion.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere AWB interior 1965 Plymouth Belvedere AWB seats

Bob did all the metal work inside and out including the fenders and the cage. The rear quarter panels are flawless. Anyone who knows anything about bodywork has to be impressed with what Bob has accomplished with this car.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere AWB under rear view 1965 Plymouth Belvedere AWB trunk

The Bel runs and sounds as good as it looks.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere AWB terrorizes on  the street 1965 Plymouth Belvedere AWB crusing the street!

Before you go for a ride you better make sure your eyeballs are securely fastened because they tend to end up in the back of your head.

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Another excellent job, Bob!

Quite understandable that the '65 will draw a crowd!   smile!

Gary H.

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