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1965 Belvedere II Hemi Hood Scoop Installation

Max Wedge Gene writes:

I am using the following procedure to install a fiberglass re-production A990 Hemi hood scoop on my 1965 Belvedere II with a Stage III Max Wedge.

The hood scoop has molded in tabs to allow the scoop to be attached with screws and bolts, just like on the factory cars.

Ken Montgomery's 1965 Belvedere I A990 car is a perfect example of how the support webs were cut by the factory for the original steel hood. On Ken's car, the original scoop, both fenders, and hood are all acid dipped to reduce weight, (the reproductions are fiberglass). The A990 Hemi cars had one large cutout for the oval air cleaner that rises up thru the hood and into the scoop. Since my car is a Max Wedge, I need to place two 5-inch cutouts in the hood just like the Mopar Madness car, shown in the second photo below.

The Mopar Madness 1964 Belvedere Max Wedge car (seen here on display at Carlisle 2001) shows the details of the 5 inch holes cut in the hood to match directly over the velocity stocks with the foam ring on top. (The February 2002 issue of Mopar Collector's Guide is a good reference also, -- see page 41).

The engine compartment of Ken's 426 Hemi Superstocker is below.

Take note that there is a gap between the edge of the hood and the edge of the scoop near the cowl. The edge of the scoop never exceeds one quarter inch from the edge of the hood.

For proper placement of the cutouts in the hood, place a marker in the carb air cleaner stud hole for the exact center of each carb on the Max Wedge intake manifold. The placement of the cutouts will be different on a 1965 Belvedere then on a 1964 Belvedere.

The hood and scoop will get cut and mounted in the upcoming weeks. Pictures of the finished product will appear here once the installation is completed!

See the finished product!

Contact me at if you have questions or comments.

Note: The hood scoop is available thru Jim Kramer at Kramer Automotive Specialties 724 285-5566 or -- the Stage III Max Wedge Velocity stacks are available thru Norm Brady at Crossram Connection 262 542-2834. -- Tell Jim Kramer and Norm Brady that you heard of them here! :-)

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January 16, 2002; revised October 31, 2002
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