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Removing a vent window latch on a 1963 Dodge

This vent window latch removal procedure should apply to similar 1962 to 1965 Mopars.

The top picture shows the front door’s vent window, also known as a quarterlight, and the latch used to secure the window shut, as viewed from the outside of the car.

The chrome head of a carriage bolt style bolt is also visible.

That carriage bolt style bolt that goes through the glass and has a protruding keyway section which fits into the latch; there a tiny pin locks the latch to the bolt. Use lube and a small punch and push out the pin. Be careful not to misplace that small pin!

The middle and bottom photos show the inside of the vent window with the latch removed. Notice the slot in end of the bolt’s shaft.

vent window latch on an early 1960’s Mopar

“The slot in the vent latch is for a screwdriver since the slotted piece is a nut. The carriage bolt is threaded and it and the slotted nut hold the inner and outer chrome trim pieces together, sandwiching the glass.

vent window latch on an early 1960’s Mopar

The upper pivot male half is riveted to the steel frame that receives the gasket. That frame is screw-fastened to the chrome zinc main assembly frame. The male pivot is steel and the female is also a zinc casting so you can’t put much heat on for disassembly. While I had mine out I relined the glass run with new fuzzy stuff-glued it in with GOOP. To do a comprehensive job the assembly must be removed. Lots of work!” — Mike L.

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Posted July 30, 2012

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