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Automatic Transmission Shift Cable Removal, Installation and/or Adjustment

Models: A11 1964 "V" Series Passenger Cars equipped with Automatic Transmission


Number 1115
October 14, 1963
Group 18, transmission

This Bulletin outlines the procedures for the removal, installation and/or adjustment of the automatic transmission shift cable on the subject model passenger cars.


1. Push the reverse (R) button. into the latched position (push button shift) or place the selector lever in "PARK" position (console shift).

2. Remove the control cable to transmission adjusting wheel lock screw and pull the cable out of the transmission as far as possible. Back off the adjusting wheel a few turns for further clearance if necessary.

3. Insert a small screw driver above and slightly to the right of the cable and disengage the cable adapter lock spring by pushing the screw driver handle to the right while pulling outward on the cable. NOTE: Be most careful not to kink the cable.


1. To facilitate cable installation, the transmission cable adapter should be all the way out in the first gear detent.

2. Back the adjusting wheel off on the cable housing (counter clockwise) to the full travel position.

3. Install the "0" ring seal. in the cable housing groove and lubricate the cable housing end with transmission fluid.

4. Have an assistant hold the reverse (R) button firmly depressed (push button shift) or place the selector lever in "PARK" position (console shift).

5. Insert the cable in the ~ transmission case. and push inward on the cable until the cable bottoms.

6. Pull out on the cable to make sure the spring lock is engaged.


1. Have an assistant depress the first (1) button and hold firmly (push button shift) or hold the selector lever in the first (1) gear position (console shift).

2. Hold the cable centered in its bore in the transmission case and pull outward on the cable with approximately two pounds force to bottom the manual lever in the "low" detent.

3. While maintaining this pull on the cable, rotate the adjusting wheel clockwise until. it just contacts the transmission case squarely.

4. Turn the adjusting wheel counter clockwise just enough to make the nearest hole in the wheel line up with the screw hole in the transmission case.

5. Counting this hole as number one, continue turning the wheel counter clockwise until the fifth hole lines up with the screw hole in the transmission case.

6. Push the cable and adjusting wheel, tight against the transmission case,install the lock screw and tighten to 75 inchpounds torque.

Please enter this Bulletin number and subject in the Shop Manual under group "TRANSMISSION".
R. M.Bannatyne

DATE OCT. 4/63


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