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1962 - 1965 Mopar Steering Column Modifications

Joey writes: In my 1965 Dodge I started out with a manual column and added the Borgenson joint to the power steering column and that fit to the manual steering box.

I cannot see any problems performing the same modification to a power steering column.

Mopar Steering Column Modification Mopar Steering Column Modification

Nico writes: I am using a F Body tilt column in my 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury with power steering. I used two Flaming River U joints welded onto a D shaped shaft cut to length. Steering is nice and tight and no coupler is used.

The two pictures below show the shaft before I welded it all together, (you get the idea); easy to do and it really tightens the steering up.

Mopar Steering Column Modification Mopar Steering Column Modification

A picture showing Nico’s 1964 all together will be posted here asap.

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March 29, 2008

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