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1962 to 1965 Mopar Paint Codes of Chrysler Corporation

So, you want to paint your Mopar? Here are paint codes to help you restore your 1962 to 1965 Mopar to original factory beauty.


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1962 Dodge
1962 Chrysler Corporation Colors page 1
1962 Chrysler Corporation Colors page 2
1962 Chrysler Corporation Colors page 3


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1964 Dodge, Dart and 880 color codes from Ditzler
1964 Dodge, Dart and 880 Interior Color Specifications


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Other paint data in progress.

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Interior and Exterior Mopar Paint

All paint, including interior paint: Color Correct (formerly Mopaint). Call Rob at 1-732-846-1044 for correct interior and exterior paint, based on the factory formula AND using the correct pigments to mix the paint, unlike other contemporary paint suppliers that use different pigments than were used in 1962 to 1965, making their colors off. Interior color matching also needs correct type of paint: gloss, flat, mat and suede depending on area, and they have the codes for that too. (Thanks to Herb McCurdy for this information.)

Check the paint vendors listed in the Restoration Vendor and Parts Sources Page in the Body - Sheet Metal / Bumpers section.

Engine paint

Painting the poly 318 engine

Pekka Pere has compiled the following information: A good match is given by the Chrysler Industrial Red (DE 1632) Engine Enamel by Dupli-Color. It's called red, but dries to a red-orange color.
The (off-site and now off-line) Andre Roy created Mopar Mail List table for engine colors indicated that an exact match is given by NAPA farm equipment spray paint, International-Harvester red by Martin-Semour paints.
Finally, the best hint, in my opinion, has been given by Paul Pitcher who has uncovered the Ditzler code 71034 for acrylic enamel for the polyhead.

(Thanks, Pekka!)

Need Max Wedge Engine Paint? "Mopar Performance engine paint is pretty expensive and takes a lot of coats to get it right; for Max Wedge motors I suggest going to local Tractor Supply and get a can of Allis-Chalmers Orange, looks a lot like the factory paint and a whole lot cheaper."    -- Joey (Thanks Joey!)

Don D. adds: "Having been around when max wedge were actually at the track I always remembered the color not quite what Mopar Performance sells. Basically they sell race hemi orange, which is slightly lighter than street hemi orange and if you bought a hundred cans of it everyone would be different. (I bought three for $70 once but the motor did not look right.) The color was too orange to me. I remember it being a pastier yellowish orange when these cars were new. Then one fateful day I was talking to a paint rep at the local auto parts place. Actually someone else asked the question. They asked what is the difference between engine paint and other paint. He looked straight at us and said engine paint comes in engine colors. I asked 'is that the only difference?' He said, yup, same actual paint but in engine colors. I immediately quit looking in engine paint displays and broadened my search. A few days later while tripping through [a large discount store] I found the exact color I remember the engine's being, on sale for 2 bucks a can. I bought several cans and tried it. He was right. It lasts just fine and it is also the color I remember them being back in the day. It has been a few years now and no peeling or discoloration. It looks right to me anyway and no one has questioned the color at the hundred or so cruise nights I have been too."

Nick adds: Aftermarket Mopar engine paint for a 1964 A-864 and 1965 A-990 Race Hemi and 1962 to 1964 Max Wedge: use Allis Chalmers 1961-1970 Persian Orange; it is a very good match.
Steve adds: Note that race hemi and street hemi paints use much different formulas and do not interchange.
Gary F. adds: These are Dupont engine paint codes: Race Hemi Orange - 5056DH and Street Hemi Orange - 5067D

1965 383 engine B Body Hood Ornament

RM, Ditzler or Acme Jobber Paint Codes for Mopar Engines:

Thanks to Dustin Cloud for the above paint list!

Regarding Mopar Turqoise engine paint, the Mopar brand rattle can spray paint from Summit and such for the engine turquoise is way too 'blue' and looks very unoriginal. I got a can from Eastwood and sprayed the manifold and valve covers with my HLVP spray gun. Much, much better. Eastwood's Ceramic Engine Paint Quart 1962-1971 BB Chrysler Turquoise Item number 51622 ZP. Thanks to Jim Altemose for the tip! (Link verified as of September 16, 2010; UPDATE: This Eastood link is dead on May 24, 2018)

Apparenty, as of May 2018 Eastwood no longer makes the paint Jim bought. 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List members helped update sources. Mark wrote: "I used an old Mopar original engine paint rattle can to spray a sample and then had it matched at my local paint supplier. The paint code is bs031 Spectra master blue." Steve C. added "I am trying Duplicolor Chrysler Green, part number DE 1619 and will report back as to how correctly it matches the original factory paint." And Bill P. wrote "A Roseville, Mi. called Automotive Color Supply mixed me up 2 spray cans of blue that was a really good match to the original paint on my car's wheels. All I did was give them the body paint code." Maybe they can do similar for this engine paint.

Side sweep color: generally, if the Mopar is two tone, the side sweep is the color of the top. If the car is a single color, the side sweep is the color of the interior. Also, the side sweep is done in satin finish, not gloss. On a single color car, remove the ash tray and take it to your paint supply; they can use the ash tray as the source to mix up paint to use for the side sweep color. Paint the side sweep with this paint then spray satin clear over it. -- thanks to Joe Suchy for the tip!

A trick for painting with hard to get colors is to first paint the engine with a silver engine paint then paint the correct color on it. You can get away with just one can of paint this way. -- Jim

An additional Chrysler Corporation / Mopar engine colors chart is also available from the Walter P. Chrysler Club's magazine.

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