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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

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Dave writes: I own a documented WW1 White 426 street wedge 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible.

Galen Govier certified it in 2003 and at that time was #3 in V.I.N. sequence of 8 known in his registry.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible, front driver's side
1964 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible, window sticker

View a larger image of the dealer window sticker.

Sold new May 1964 at Bill Eger Motors Denver, Colorado, the Plymouth made it's way east to Texas sometime in the late 1990's where it was restored and the engine and transmission were rebuilt.

Being a dry southwest car from day one it is very rust free and seems to have all its original sheet metal.

The Plymouth features power brakes, power steering, power top and power windows.

I have procured numerous NOS items and have installed them on the Plymouth, such as reverse lights, reverse light back up switch, rear tail lamp harness, rear view mirror, side view mirror, Sport Fury trunk script, washer bag, distributor vacuum advance, firewall bulkhead connector, fuel fill cap, Mopar 34P plug set, etc.

The correct date-coded plug wires provided by Lectric Limited of Bedford Park, IL.
Battery provided by Jim's Battery Manufacturing of Youngstown, OH.
Radiator by Glen Ray Radiators of Wausau, WI.
Brake booster restored by Dewey Booster, Portland, OR.
Original AFB carb restored by Harold Demes of Vail, AZ.
Correct NOS fuel pump
Correct date-coded alternator and date code correct starter restored by Paul Jacobs of Evansville, ID.
All the chrome, aluminum and stainless steel has been restored and shows very well.
The original Transaudio AM radio is bluetooth equipped with high quality speakers under both front seats.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible, 426 street wedge engine

The original 426-S has been bored 0.20 over, align honed, block decked, rods stressed relieved, rods resized, rotating assembly balanced and short block clearances blueprinted. Only the best of the best internals utilized, Ross pistons, Childs and Albert rings, REV S/S valves, Melling oil pump, Clevite mains and rod bearings, Cloyes double roller timing chain, Comp Cams stock grind cam, bronze guides, double valve springs, Fel Pro engine gasket set. Cam degreed in. All the machine shop work was photo documented.

The 426 is strong with a super smooth idle.

The console automatic TorqueFlite 727 was built by Keith Long at 727specialist.com.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible, interior

The interior colors are Bermuda Turquoise Metallic and Powder Blue.
The interior was provided by SMS in Oregon and sewn by Legendary Interiors.

The Mopar still continues to retain the left hand thread driver's side lug nut studs, tapered axles with original brake drums, ball and trunnion driveshaft and 7.50 inch rims. The rear springs have been re-arched. The original 3.23 non-SureGrip rear spins the factory tapered axles and drums.

A set of correct Coker 7.50 x 14 Custom Power Cushion tires with 1 inch whitewall truly give the car the right factory stance.

Lots of $$$ has been spent on the Plymouth and it shows.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible, rear, passenger side

The Plymouth is a joy to drive top down and gets it's fair share of attention every time!

Contact: contact owner 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible

That's one highly-optioned Sport Fury convertible Dave!

What a beauty!

Gary H.

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