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1962 Plymouth Belvedere

Garage Find

September 2017 Mopar of the Month

1962 Plymouth Belvedere, front

Chris writes from North Carolona: While riding around in late spring 2017 on the country roads of North Carolina I spotted the grill of a 1962 Plymouth Belvedere sitting in a garage. So I stopped and asked if the Plymouth was it for sale. The old lady came to the door and said "no, it belongs to my husband and he loves his car." Then her husband came out and said yes, he would sell the Mopar due to health reasons.

The Plymouth he said was painted and then due to his C.O.P.D. he could no longer mess with it. He said he would like to see the Belvedere back on the road. The story is that they had the Plymouth painted eight years ago and that is when his breathing troubles started. So they parked the Plymouth in the garage and the Mopar sat their ever since.

The Plymouth had no interior in it so we asked about where it was at. He said everything was in his walk in basement, where he and his son had done most the work on the Mopar.

So we went in his basement and the seats were their already redone and the new carpet was still in box. The carpet came from Legendary interiors; all the inside trim was also there. We paid the man his price and pulled the car out of the garage.

We got the Plymouth home and washed off the four inches of dust and started putting the interior back in. The slant six, after a little bit of maintenance, fired right up! I have been driving the Plymouth for a couple of weeks with no trouble. The owner told me they just rebuilt engine before parking it and the engine runs like a top. The Plymouth is a push button car; I have never owned one of them.

The Plymouth is a very nice car completely restored and for those who do not believe: there are still great finds ready for discovery in garages across the land. Well here is the proof.

Update: when we had the Plymouth roadworthy we took the Mopar back to the elderly seller who is on oxygen to give him a ride -- he about cried.

I was thinking of switching the slant 6 for a small block V8. Gary H. pointed out that slant 6 motors are becoming increasingly popular and that there are many ways to add horsepower to a slant 6. [Editor's note: many people also have never seen a slant 6! The leaning tower of power is always a conversation starter at a car show.]

I enjoy driving the Plymouth. My other projects are a 1970 Road Runner and my wife has a 1973 Challenger. One of my sons has a good 1973 Plymouth Duster. Mopar or no car is our family motto! Plus my dad is working on a 1969 Super Bee.

1962 Plymouth Belvedere, front driver side

1962 Plymouth Belvedere, front 1962 Plymouth Belvedere, front interior

1962 Plymouth Belvedere, rear

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