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1965 Dodge Custom 880

September 2013 Mopar of the Month

Pascal writes:  I live in the Netherlands, Europe. C-body platform Mopars like my Dodge Custom 880 four door hardtop are very rare over here!

1965 Dodge Custom 880, front
1965 Dodge Custom 880, front passenger side before restoration

It took me about five years to finish this project since it was a complete restoration! The Dodge was originally sold in Denver, U.S.A. The car was saved from a scrapyard there and came to Europe where I bought the Dodge. The Mopar was in poor condition at that time, but with a very solid body —  a lot of bump and scrape damage in the body, but very minor rust.

I have ordered a lot of parts from U.S. Mopar vendors and all of them helped me very good and everything I have ordered came to me as agreed!

As a result of the restoration, my Dodge has a 383 with TTI exhaust, Airco, 727 cable-shifter, Hughes convertor and 8 and 3/4 rear with a 3.23:1 gear ratio. The brakes are modifed to a 4 disc brake configuration. I changed to thicker torsion bars and added a Firm Feel swaybar...and more...Pfff...

1965 Dodge Custom 880, 383 engine

1965 Dodge Custom 880, driver side front

1965 Dodge Custom 880, passenger side front 1965 Dodge Custom 880, dash - instrument cluster
1965 Dodge Custom 880, undercarriage 1965 Dodge Custom 880, rear

Thank you for the gorgious 1962 to 1965 Mopar website! It provided very good support during the restoration of my Dodge.

Contact Pascal: 1965 Dodge Custom 880 contact owner

Thanks Pascal!

You do not see many of these BIG 1965 Dodge models in the United States, not to mention finding such a Moapr in the Netherlands, Europe. They are tons of Mopar fun! smile!

Gary H.

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