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1965 Plymouth Satellite

September 2009 Mopar of the Month

Gaylen writes:We have owned this 1965 Plymouth Satellite since 1967. The Mopar is actually my wife’s first car; the Satellite had a 361 in it at that time. 1965 Plymouth Satellite, driver side

1965 Plymouth Satellite, 426 hood ornament I restored the Plymouth about 15 years ago and upgraded the Mopar to a 426 Max Wedge, (the way Chrysler should have built them in 1965). 1965 Plymouth Satellite, Max Wedge engine

The Satellite still sports the original cable shift 727 TorqueFlite transmission, runs 3:91 gears — and even has an AM/FM radio along with reverb.

This Plymouth has over 40 first place awards in local car shows, most of which were judged events, including the Dallas Autorama where it won the Popular Hot Rodding magazine award for Outstanding Streetable Performance Car. The Mopar is an inductee into the “Order Of The Pentastar” which is the highest level of competition at the Dallas Mopar Club’s Southwest Mopar Mininationals. The Mopar had also won the “Top Twenty” award at the old Waco Mininationals, competing against a 300 car field of all makes/models.

Needless to say, this Plymouth Satellite turns many heads. 1965 Plymouth Satellite, Interior

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Thanks Gaylen!

The Plymouth is part of the family  — and you rebuilt the Mopar from the perspective of a real enthusiast. Nice!   smile!

Gary H.

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