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September 2001 Mopar of the Month

1962 Dart

1962 Dart - front

Mopar Red writes:

Gary, These pics are the "before". The car was in pretty bad shape except for the outer panels and frame rails. Right door window gone. The motor just barley run and would not pull itself. The floors had rotted out sometime back and had been covered over with another floor pan cut from another car which only added to the problem by trapping moisture between them. The previous owner said it had been sitting in a barn on its belly for 17 years. I can believe that as it had a distinct smell of cow duddie when I was scraping the crud off it.

1962 Dart - before 1962 Dart - instrument cluster before

1962 Dart - 318 before

1962 Dart - floor before 1962 Dart - floor after

Floorboards before and after. I had to make the floors after a long search for replacements was negative. The underbody looks almost as good as the topside. Every nut, bolt and part was removed, clenaed or replaced throughout the car.

1962 Dart - 8.75 undercarrage

The color on the car is GM 71--Red Orange, done in Enamel. Wheels are Cragar S/S, 15 inch, 235 on front and 255 on rear. Big discs were added on front using 74 "A" body spindles and new 71 Charger rotors and calipers, Dual M/C and valve from 71 Charger also used. All lines, brake and fuel, were replaced with new as were the rear wheel cylinders and all small parts and shoes. Exhaust is 2 1/4 using original hangers and was fabed by my local muffler shop.

1962 Dart - pass side

1962 Dart - cluster after 1962 Dart - interior after
1962 Dart - pass after 1962 Dart - interior after

Interior was done by a local shop. Dash was done by Mr. "G" in Fort Worth, Texas

1962 Dart - trunk after

I cut and molded the trunk mat myself as no suitable replacement could be found. The spare and jack are all original 62. The shelf panel was reproduced by Dave Layson after many months of badgering him (this was his prototype) and is now for sale in various colors. Bless you Dave!!!

1962 Dart - engine 413 after 1962 Dart - engine after- fenders on

The engine is a 413 with a Max block, std bore, Racer Brown 484 lift cam, hydraulic lifters and more or less stock heads. The carbs are 3258 and 3259 AVS originals. Guesstimated HP should be around 385. Ignition is Petronix.

I spent about 27 months restoring this Dart. Thanks to all in the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse who offered advice, sold me parts and helped in any way!

1962 Dart - rear

Update 2009: Red traded the Dart for a 1932 Dodge Pickup with a 1955 Hemi built by Southern California speed shop.

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