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1963 Plymouth Belvedere

August 2017 Mopar of the Month

Tommy writes from Illinois:
I purchased this Plymouth Belvedere 361 Commando station wagon in early 2017 from the second owner.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere, driver side front

The Plymouth was found in a barn on a potato farm in Michigan.
Because the Mopar was used to pull a potato wagon, the Plymouth only has a little over 14,000 miles on the odometer.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere, driver odometer reads 14,894.2

The Plymouth is an original 361 Commando car that was made to look like a Savoy super stock called Pure Hell with many related decals.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere, front passenger side with decals as bought

I have since removed some of the decals.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere, driver side

1963 Plymouth Belvedere, passenger side

1963 Plymouth Belvedere, interior front

Since I have owned the Plymouth I put on a set of chrome TTI headers, a Weiand intake manifold with Holley carburetor, Mopar Performance valve covers, installed a mini starter, took the power steering off and put in a new manual steering box, converted to front disc brakes and added pie crust slicks on the rear.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere, engine

The Plymouth was repainted about five years ago but the painter left the engine compartment alone to help justify originality.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere, driver side rear

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