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August 2001 Mopar of the Month:   twin turbo 440

1965 Belvedere II

Kevin Alexander writes:

The twin turbo 440 is up and running. I can tell you that 8 psi of boost is absolutely mind blowing! This thing is an animal. I recently dumped the clutch in 2nd gear (1.69 ratio) at 30 mph and did the longest John Force type burnout of my life!

65 Plymouth burn out twin turbo 440

I'll get dyno numbers to you when they're available. The car is not NHRA legal and the guys at the track don't buy the "it only runs 12s" bit. Bummer.

Currently, I'm running the 4.30 gears and 833 OD tranny. The gear splits are horrible but the torque covers it nicely! I'm expecting low 11s or high 10s in it's current state of tune. I was aiming for 650 hp at 8 psi and Desktop Dyno says 635 to 667 depending upon a few variables. It also says 851 hp with 15 psi. Most interesting since that's the boost level I'm aiming for.

I have been averaging 15 miles per gallon in the city and 17 hwy. Can't beat that with a stick! City mileage should improve slightly once the 3.23 gears and 18 spline 833 go in. The closer gear spacing will make city driving much better. As it is, the OD converts the 4.30s into 3.21 so highway driving should be the same.

By the way, my custom plates have been ordered. The car will be known to the DMV and motoring public as "2hi psi"


65 Plymouth's twin turbo 440

the twin turbo 440 specs:

65 Plymouth's twin turbo 440 65 Plymouth's twin turbo 440
On the to-do list.
Cooling - flex fan, no shroud, 3 core 26" radiator. Electric fan to be tried. If it will not hold, shroud will be used.
Tranny - 18 spline 833 will replace 833 OD after gear swap. MP 10.5" clutch will replace AutoZone 23 spline /6 clutch.
Rear - 8-3/4" 489 casting. 4.30 gears to swap for 3.23 set. Clutch SG, but no real preference.
Tires - bigs-n-littles. Gotta improve upon the 275/50-15 BFG T/A Radials. Goals: 650 hp, 130 mph in the quarter, pump gas. 8 psi carbed.
SpeedPro injection and higher boost at a later date.

Does it heat up? Today was 80 degrees and it cruised at 190 degrees (190 thermostat).

Would I run a Vortech? Probably not. For an aluminum lung, I'd probably go Roots style. Cheaper and pure intimidation. Less efficient but more fun. Why turbos? More efficient than blowers. More exotic for a big block. I was told I couldn't do it. 'Nuff said?

Packaging problems? Not after I cut holes and stuck the turbos through the inner fenders. Easy to reach plugs/wires. Upward headers means no more burned boots! Keep in mind, the engine is sitting about 2" forward of stock because of the Schumacher mounts and poly 318 K frame. '66 and later B bodies would be a breeze. Same with C's. A/F/M bodies shouldn't be difficult with a small block.

65 Plymouth's twin turbo 440 65 Plymouth's twin turbo 440

65 Plymouth twin turbo 440

Look for this Plymouth at the August 2001 Mopar Nationals! Tell Keven you saw his '65 here! :-)

[Ed. note: More tech data on this setup will get updated after August 2001, per Kevin. Also see Wayne Township Speedshop for additional information about Kevin's Plymouth.]

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