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1962 Dodge Polara 500

July 2017 Mopar of the Month

Jack writes from New York: The story of my 1962 Dodge Polara 500 goes back to 1965.

1962 Dodge Polara 500, driver side door and script

In 1965 I was a 17 year old senior in high school. I went on work study at a Chrysler/Plymouth and Dodge dealer. One day at work I saw that a customer had traded in this 1962 Dodge Polara 500 convertible, with a big block 361 engine. That night I worked out a deal and bought the Mopar for $1495.00.

1962 Dodge Polara 500, engine

A few months later I found a 426 Max Wedge engine for sale, with everything other than the shortblock, for $450. Soon after in 1966 the 440 engine came out so I went and bought a new 440 shortblock at my $350 dealer cost. I used the 426 Max Wedge parts on the 440 shortblock and installed it in my 1962 Polara 500 Convertible.

license plate holder
1962 Dodge Polara 500, license plate

1962 Dodge Polara 500, driver side front

I raced the Dodge from 1966 to 1968, turning 12.50's. The 440 was a lot of engine with the Stage 1 Max Wedge heads and cam and the dual 550 Carter carbs on the crossram.
I put a Hemi converter on the push button transmission too.

1962 Dodge Polara 500, driver side

1962 Dodge Polara 500, interior, front 1962 Dodge Polara 500, rear interior

1962 Dodge Polara 500, driver side rear

Later, I changed the rear gears from 4.56 to 3.36 for street use. That is how the Polara 500 still is now over 50 years later. Luckily, I still cruise with her just about every weekend.

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