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1965 Plymouth Sport Fury drawing
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1965 Plymouth Sport Fury

1965 Plymouth Sport Fury emblem

July 2013 Mopar of the Month

Mark writes: My Plymouth Sport Fury was manufactured on December 31, 1964 at Chrysler’s Hamtramck, Michigan manufacturing plant. The Mopar was sold new at the “Young Jenkins Motor Company“ located in Killeen, Texas. I’m inclined to believe that a solider from nearby Ft. Hood bought the Mopar prior to being released from active duty since the “Certicard” has the dealer codes listed as the San Francisco, California area as service was performed on the vehicle. From what I can tell the car never left California only slowly migrating south. I purchased the vehicle from a gentleman in Semi Valley, California and was told he purchased it from a man 2 1/2 hours north of Semi Valley.

1965 Plymouth Sport Fury, front

I bought the Plymouth on January 2, 2009 and had it shipped to my home in Pennsylvania. I picked the Sport Fury since I could not locate a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere with the 383 4-speed that was the first car I owned in 1972 while in the Marines. The Fury happened to be the second car I owned in 1972 after rolling the Belvedere 15 miles from New River, NC coming off a weekend home (I fell asleep).

From the ebay photos the Mopar looked solid and appeared to be driven on a regular basis. Once I received the Plymouth, I found it to have one repaint, new vinyl top and windshield seals but with a worn interior and drive train. I pulled the motor and tranny and sent the short block out for work; in the meantime I went through the 383 and installed new seals and bearings. The short block was finished and I installed a set of 213 cylinder heads that I got through Outrageousley Vintage Speed Shop. A Lunati #60302 cam, Offenhauser 360 Manifold and 2-650 Eldebrock carburetors round out the motor work.

1965 Plymouth Sport Fury engine 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury engine
I decided to go with Legendary Interiors for the door panels and seats. But I guess they were more familiar with Mopar B body interiors. Three times things went back and forth and finally I gave up and corrected what I could. 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury interior

After the Sport Fury purchase I was shocked that NO ONE makes any body or trim parts. I’ve searched high and low getting a part here and there but the bottom line is you hope someone wrecks a good one so you can scavenge parts. (Even C body door hinge repair was a puzzle to solve.)

Nevertheless, the Plymouth was sent out for paint and sanded down. The only rust on the entire car was a tiny pin hole at the right rear quarter behind the tire. The car was painted in the factory ruby red.

1965 Plymouth Sport Fury, passenger side view

I received a great surprise on May 18, 2013 as my Sport Fury was judged Best of Show at the Crusin’ for a Cure in Waynesburg, Pa. I believe the car show attendance was over 100.

Would I do it all over again...Hell Yes!

1965 Plymouth Sport Fury wins award 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury rear view

Contact Mark: 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury contact owner

Thanks Mark! One of the challenges of restoring Mopars is lack of parts availability. That supply has improved over time, but as you found out, not as much for the big “C Body” platform Mopars. Lucky for you that you persevered’ —  and are enjoying your nice Sport Fury. smile!

Gary H.

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