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1965 Super Stock W051 Dodge Coronet

July 2009 Mopar of the Month

Matt writes:  Si Gary Dodge, Lorain, Ohio originally sold this 1965 WO51 Dodge to Harmon Friend.

1965 Dodge Super Stock, front
Flash forward to 2009: we just finished restoring Harmon Friends’ W051 Super Stock Dodge back to factory OE specs. 1965 Dodge Super Stock Hemi engine
We will have the Dodge at the 2009 Mopar Nationals for OE certification. 1965 Dodge Super Stock, front interior

Jim Schild and Darrel Davis have verified this Dodge: VIN-WO51256298. April 15th build date, April 29th ship date.

We are going to reunite Harmon Friend with this Mopar at the Mopar Nationals! 1965 Dodge Super Stock, fender tag
1965 Dodge Super Stock, window decals 1965 Dodge Super Stock glove compartment

Contact Matt at Contact owner 1965 Dodge Super Stock

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Update April 2010: Subsequent to this Dodge getting posted on this Web site, Spike TV’s Muscle Car featured this car as did the magazines Mopar Collector’s Guide and Mopar Action.
Congratulations Matt!

Great job on a neat piece of Mopar history!   smile!

Gary H.

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