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1964 Dodge 440 1964 Dodge 440, max wedge plate

July 2008 Mopar of the Month

Butch writes: Four years ago I had to sell my 1962 Dodge Dart Maxi to pay medical bills. As soon as I got back on my feet again, I went out looking for another B body.

1964 Dodge 440, front 1964 Dodge 440, front passenger side

I found this 1964 Dodge 440 in a barn out here in California. The Mopar was an original California car with a running 318 in it; it had been in the barn for 12 years. The Dodge was thrashed, (see pictures below), but all the stainless and chrome were in good condition. So I bought the Mopar and towed it home.

Once home, I took the Mopar all apart, pulled out the engine and transmission, and cleaned up the underside with wire brushes, rags and engine degreaser: long, time-consuming and tiring! As soon as that was done, I painted the underside of the car all black and took it to the body shop.

While the Dodge was at the body shop, I had all the chrome redone, and all the stainless and grille buffed out. The dash was sent to GCAR to be redone along with all other pieces that needed to be plated.

I called Legendary Auto Interiors and ordered all new interior.

1964 Dodge 440, interior 1964 Dodge 440, dash and interior

I always wanted a red Dodge; when I picked it up it was perfect. I got the Mopar home and started to put it back together.

1964 Dodge 440, passenger side front

What was left? The fun stuff! I always wanted a stroker motor, so I bought a 500 cubic inch stroker kit, had the heads ported, and professional put together by Hughes Engines, along with their choice of a split profile camshaft. I picked up a 1965 727 tranny, had it gone through, got a new drive line, and finally a 3:91 SureGrip. I put Weld Pro Stars on the front and back, with Mickey Thompson drag radials.

1964 Dodge 440, max wedge engine 1964 Dodge 440, max wedge engine

With this setup the Dodge hooks up very nice: the car pulls like a freight train and will really put you back in the seat.

1964 Dodge 440, passenger side front 1964 Dodge 440, cut-out exhaust

I love driving the Dodge around and going to shows. I especially enjoy parking next to Fords and Chevys, and stealing all the attention.

1964 Dodge 440, trunk 1964 Dodge 440, rear

I really want to thank Gary H. for keeping this Web site going, and to all of the 1962-1965 Mopar Mail List Club members that have answered some of my, at times, really stupid questions: THANKS!

Before / Under Construction

1964 Dodge 440, under construction, front 1964 Dodge 440, under construction, interior

1964 Dodge 440, under construction, engine compartment 1964 Dodge 440, max wedge engine

1964 Dodge 440, under construction, passenger side 1964 Dodge 440, under construction, passenger side

1964 Dodge 440, under construction, rear window

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Thanks Butch,

Great job and a wonderful example of why these Mopars are more popular than ever!   smile!

Gary H.

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