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July 2002 Mopar of the Month

1964 Plymouth 426 street wedge

John Barrett writes:

Here's my original '64 Street Wedge.

1964 Plymouth front

1964 Plymouth interior

1964 Plymouth passenger side

1964 Plymouth interior

The Plymouth was originally out of New Mexico.

1964 Plymouth rear view

The '64 was restored by Tom Polidan out of Michigan. As you can see, it was a restoration given the utmost detail.

The Plymouth has the original motor and transmission.

The rear end was changed to a '65.

Everything on this car has been gone over.

1964 Plymouth rear view

This Plymouth is so much fun to drive and look at! It draws a crowd wherever I take it!

Thanks, John!

This is the kind of B Body that made these early B Bodies famous!   smile!

Gary H.

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