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1963 Dodge 330 emblem scripts1963 Dodge 330

1963 Dodge 330, front

June 2016 Mopar of the Month

Chuck writes from California: My 1963 Dodge 330, an original rust-free California car, was treated to a professional rotisserie restoration by The Street Rod Factory in San Marcos, California. The entire car was bead blasted and block sanded down to metal: undercarriage, floors, roof and trunk. The undercarriage was undercoated with 3M Dynatron 544 Dyna-Pro® paintable rubberized undercoating. Then 2006 Ditzler PPG Dodge Viper red was applied. Along the way, all bright work, windows, as well as every single piece of chrome or aluminum was replaced with NOS stock parts.

1963 Dodge 330, passenger side front

I decided to go with the legenday 392 Chrysler Hemi for power. A 1958 Chrysler 392 was block bored .30 to 398 cubic inches. Internals include Keith Black blower pistons, ARP rod bolts, a double-keyed steel crank and balancer, a Comp Cam hydraulic roller cam and lifters with adjustable rockers and Milodon Hemi high-pressure oil pump. Externals include a BDS 871 blower, Edelbrock 659 carburetors, Mallory ignition, Mancini Racing Powermaster XS Torque Starter, and Holley 140 Gpm Electric Fuel Pump.

1963 Dodge 330, 392 Hemi 1963 Dodge 330, 392 Hemi
1963 Dodge 330, 392 Hemi 1963 Dodge 330, 392 Hemi

Torque is transmitted through a Tremec five speed manual transmission and Cernterforce 10.5 inch clutch with a Hurst shifter to a Currie polished aluminum 58" rearend with limited slip 3.70 Trac Lock and Currie 31 spline axles.

1963 Dodge 330 rear end

The Hemi is kept cool with a Griffin HP Series four core aluminum radiator with integrated Walker fan and shroud assembly. We live in the desert where temperatures routinely reach into the 100’s and the temperature gauge, even in heavy traffic, never gets above 170 degrees.

The Dodge rolls on original, two piece American-made American Racing Torq Thrust II wheels: 15x6 front and 15x12 rear. Tires are Mickey Thompson; sizes: Front P215/70R15; Rear P315/60R15.

1963 Dodge 330, wheel
1963 Dodge 330 driver side

Burnt hydrocarbons exhaust through Borla Pro XS Series mufflers or DMH Borla XS Pro Series electric cutouts.

Four-wheel disc power assist brakes stop the Mopar.

The interior features leather as well as hours of custom work on a dash featuring custom gages.

1963 Dodge 330 interior
1963 Dodge 330 interior 1963 Dodge 330 dash gauges

Not a trailer queen, the Dodge was built specifically to drive on pump gas with no additives; the Mopar rides and steers like a new car.

The Dodge has won numerous awards since the restoration: so many local and regional Best of Show awards in fact that when we go to local shows we write no trophy when we register the Mopar. Below is a short sample list:

One memorable time I drove the 1963 to the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona CA. Our club, Inland Mopars, wanted to have the 330 inside in the club's space. We were in line waiting to go in and a buddy of ours who had one there with many of his cars told us that we should have considered towing the Dodge and having the car professionally detailed, including the undercarriage: there was no way we would win at this show.... After seeing the competition at the show there my wife Linda and I agreed. We were so certain we would not win that we ended up not going to the awards ceremony. Surprise! One of the guys in the Inland Mopars club phoned and asked are you in the auditorium? You just won Best Street Machine Custom 1949-1964!.

As you can tell, we take the 1963 to many car shows and we have had a lot of fun with the 330 at the shows. The Dodge is not common to find at these events, though, and even avid Mopar fans are unfamiliar with the early 1960s B-body cars. Is that a Polara? and what is a 330? are common questions. Also, there are always questions about the horsepower numbers, what year the Hemi engine is and if the 1963 ever raced.

[Answers: 1 and 2 ) The 330 was a distinct trim model line in 1963, as was the Polara; they are not the same; 3) I don't remember the dyno numbers -- it's been years -- but 550 sticks in my mind; 4) 1958 392 and 5) The Dodge was never officially raced (okay, a few times on the street).]

1963 Dodge 330 rear

Also frequently questioned is the streetability of the Dodge. One year we drove the Dodge to the Doctor George Show in Palm Springs, CA. We parked the Mopar and the show started. The following day so many people said nice car, but you can’t drive it anywhere. They were shocked to hear that we had driven the 330 to the show and more shocked when told that the Dodge gets around 11 miles per gallon on the freeway!

If you are into 1962 to 1965 Mopars, you already know this 1963 Dodge, and know this B-body is the best 1963 Dodge 330 in the U.S.

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