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1965 Plymouth Satellite

June 2014 Mopar of the Month

Mike writes: I wanted to build a race car that was worthy of winning any car show entered. It had to be an elegant, functional design that made the car easy to work on, perform to my expectations, have a nostalgic look, and be street legal.

1965 Plymouth Satellite, drag strip launch
The car had to be an early B-body Mopar, so a 1965 Plymouth Satellite was my car of choice; as I had already owned one and procured an immense amount of parts over the years. With my plan and budget in place I had the car chemically dipped, new quarters, rear spring hangers moved inboard to the frame rails, mini tubs, and fabricated a 12-point 4130 chrome-moly roll cage. The engine is based on a 400 low block wedge that is stroked to 4.15", RB connecting rods, 12.5:1 compression, Indy SR heads, and a 640" lift 283 @ 50 flat tappet cam. A race prepped 727 TorqueFlite and Dana 60 with 4.88 gears complete the drive train. 1965 Plymouth Satellite, driver side rear
1965 Plymouth Satellite engine With 738 HP on tap, the 3705 lbs. car had achieved 10.07 @ 134.15MPH on super stock leaf springs. 1965 Plymouth Satellite at drag strip
1965 Plymouth Satellite interior 1965 Plymouth Satellite trunk
I have since rebuilt the engine, upgraded the suspension and transmission. The engine now sports 13.91:1 compression and a new Cam Motion roller cam (.720/.708" lift 283/293 at .050) producing 828 HP. Transmission upgrades include a new Griner valve body that supports trans brake and safe neutral functions. CalTracs and split-mono leaf suspension was added to handle the added power. Fighting electrical and fuel gremlins, the car ran 9.914 @ 136 MPH in Fall 2013 on its first outing. Once tuned, I fully expect to shave off another two tenths. 1965 Plymouth Satellite, rear view at drag strip

Special thanks to my friends Mark Ehlen and Dennis Mothershed for supplying photos of my Plymouth!

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Thanks Mike!

Your Plymouth is a great example of Mopar show and go!   smile!

Gary H.

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