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1964 Dodge 330

June 2012 Mopar of the Month

1963 Dodge 330, front, driver side

Jeff writes: This Mopar has been a great car and the restoration turned out quite nice. Even though the Max Wedge and Hemi Clones are incredible and very tempting to do, I decided to pay homage to the original 383 4 speed Dodge that ran down Hamtramck assembly line in Detroit in 1964.

Impressively, not many of these Dodge 330’s were made with a 383 cubic inch engine and four speed manual transmission: I am told only 47.

1963 Dodge 330, front seat / dash 1963 Dodge 330, steering wheel / dash

The Dodge was treated to a full restoration from the ground up: going from a bare unibody and rebuilt. Body, paint, weatherstripping, mechanicals, interior were all painstakingly redone. —  See more photos of the Dodge and of the restoration process!

The exhaust is a 2.5 inch X-pipe system with stock style tailpipes. A set of old-school Pie Crust slick tires are in the rear, mounted on 15x7 inch steel wheels.

A 440 big block with 10.5:1 compression, a slightly bumpier cam, aftermarket intake, headers, shifter, and gauges sits in the engine bay now.
(I have the original 383 engine in garage storage.)
1963 Dodge 330, 440 engine
The decoded production record shows the VIN decode and the options of the Dodge when it was shipped on July 16, 1964. 1963 Dodge 330, build sheet decode
At assorted car club events and shows here in California the Mopar always draws a crowd and receives a lot of compliments. It is great fun to cruise in the Dodge to these gatherings of car fans. No babying this Mopar either: my favorite thing to do is drive the Dodge like it was built to be driven pedal to the metal! 1963 Dodge 330 rear, passenger side

By the way, during the restoration of my 1964 I referenced the 1962 to 1965 Mopar website plenty of times and contacted people for parts and information. There is some very valuable information on the site, from Oil Pans to Heater Control fixes to vendors who supply tough to find parts. It really helped!

Contact Jeff: 1965 Dodge Coronet, owner

Thanks Jeff!

You did a great job with the restoration! Beautiful Mopar ride.   smile!

Gary H.

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