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1964 Dodge Custom 880 Station Wagon

June 2011 Mopar of the Month

Pete writes: I bought my 1964 Dodge Custom 880 wagon in 1986 when I was 20 years old. It was destined for the junkyard or a derby, if the wrong person got a hold of it...$100 later, I drove the Dodge home. The wagon was rough, but worth saving in my eyes.

1964 Dodge Custom 880 station wagon passenger side

See if you can follow this: I kept the Dodge for 14 years, (mostly restored to how it appears here) and my EX-wife wanted me to sell one of my cars. I chose the wagon to save my marriage, and just thought that parts in the future were only going to get harder to find...so I sold it on eBay for $3500.

I watched this one pull out of my driveway, headed for it’s new home in Illinois, with tears in my eyes. I turned to her and said, “that will never happen again...(you’ll go, before another one goes.”)

I kept in touch with the new owner through the years, asking questions like “how’s she doing“ blah, blah, blah. Finally one night before Christmastime of 2009...(10 years later)...a little icon popped up on my computer screen: it was the owner! I simply decided that I was just going to ask in a nut shell: “is it for sale yet?” The answer was: “yes”"...I was trembling...the next question was as important as the first: “how much?” $5200 was his answer. Without even batting an eye, I told him “I’ll take it back if you’ll sell it to me.”

He told me this one was “never gonna go anywhere but back to Pennsylvania” (where I live) and I almost pissed myself.

1964 Dodge Custom 880 station wagon driver side 1964 Dodge Custom 880 station wagon interior

I new what I had to do: start selling stuff. I had a 1963 Dodge 440 that was cool, but needed a lot of body work. And a 2000 Harley Davidson 883 Hugger that I just didn’t ride too much, (too dangerous) so...5 months later, I was financially ready for this “iceberg” to come home. I had the Dodge shipped back to me in an enclosed classic car transporter from Illinois back to Pennsylvania in November of 2010. It was dark when the truck arrived, but there was no question: it was the same car!

I had to drive the Custom 880 back to my garage from the location it was dropped off at, about 5 miles from my house. I could barely see the road...I had tears in my eyes all the way home.

1964 Dodge Custom 880 station wagon passenger side rear 1964 Dodge Custom 880 station wagon rear view

I’m 45 years old now, and this marks 25 years of this Dodge being in my life. I can honestly say that I will die before this Mopar ends up in anyone else’s hands.

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Thanks Pete!

That is a great story of one Mopar that did come back home to the guy that saved it from a cruel fate!

Gary H.

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