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1963 Dodge 440

June 2009 Mopar of the Month

Marcus Edell writes: My 1963 Dodge 440 hardtop was originally a small block car at one time. The Mopar spent its whole life in Southern California and now Northern California. The Dodge was found without an engine or transmission in it. The Dodge had been a race car in the 1970’s and 1980’s because the fenders were cut for fenderwell headers.

1963 Dodge 440 front
The Dodge was restored in 1999 and received a 1964 413 bored .060 to 426 cubes, Max Wedge solid cam, TRW 11:1 forged pistons, 1963 Max Wedge heads (light port work), 1963 Max Wedge intake and exhaust manifolds and 625 AFB Carter carburetors. The power flows through an early pushbutton transmission equipped with a later 1966-up input shaft and pump, shift kit, 11" 3000 RPM stall, to an 8 and 3/4" rear axle 4.56:1 spool, with Strange axles, SS Springs, SS shocks and adjustable pinion snubber. 1963 Dodge 440 max wedge clone engine

1963 Dodge 440 side
The Dodge recently got a whole new set of Hurst Racing Tires all around and in May 2009 won “Best Muscle Car” at a local show. 1964 Dodge 440 and trophy win

Future plans are to find another hood to cut two holes in and install a Max Wedge hood scoop and move the battery to the trunk.

1963 Dodge 440 front interior and dash

Contact Marcus “Hot Rod” Edell Contact owner of 1963 Dodge 440 and check out The RevTones at www.myspace.com/revtones and www.revtones.net. . . .

1964 Dodge 440 rear view

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Update October 15, 2009: Marcus has sold this Mopar.

Thanks Marcus!

Fun ride!   smile!

Gary H.

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