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Mopar of the Month: May, 1999

1963 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon

David Myers writes:

Here are pics of our '63 Belvedere wagon. Bought it from an elderly couple who had it since '65.... It still had plastic seat covers on it when we got it!

1963 Belvedere Wagon

Not a perfect car, has a few dings and has been used, but is in real nice shape. Have removed a little trim, lowered the nose and basically just cleaned it up.

Blew the original, untouched by human hands 318 and am in the process of putting together a 360. Eventual plans call for electronic fuel injection and an overdrive trans as well as a strip and repaint plus a few little odds and ends.

1963 Belvedere Wagon

Can't be too crazy, as my wife has requested this be her daily driver.

I'm jealous of your wife's driver to be. :-) Pre-mini vans, we used to call these type vehicles 'grocery getters'. Of course, back in '63 when tire technolgy was slippery, the Mopar B wagons took care of a lot of 2 door versions at the drag strips as well!

Wagons are generally scarce. Unlike convertibles, maxi cars, and top of the line models, not many are saved from the junkyard. As a result, few wagons survive.

Thanks for sharing your wagon with us. Happy 'grocery getting'! :-)
Gary H.

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