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1965 Chrysler Newport

Big Boody Judy

May 2017 Mopar of the Month

Brody writes from mid-America: My wife and I recently moved from Australia to the USA for work. We will start in Illinois and head to Washington State later in 2017. So with the road trip in mind I sought a big ol' American car to drive around Illinois before completing the bucket list trip across America. I searched Craigslist when I was still in Australia and then extensively when I arrived. I found a 1971 Plymouth Fury that fit my roadtrip requirements, then a 1974 Chevolet Nova Big Block...then a 1965 Chrysler Newport popped up in the search return. We do not see Mopar C-Bodies back in Australia. I had no Idea what to expect from the Newport. After some initial research, I found out the Chrysler had a 383 engine with a 727 three speed TorqueFlite….perfect.

1965 Chrysler Newport, front
1965 Chrysler Newport, trunk and spare

I got to Winthrop Harbor to check the Mopar out. Amazing, so much steel on one car! It was all original including the now 53+ year old spare tyre (tire).

1965 Chrysler Newport, bumper jack

1965 Chrysler Newport, front and driver side

1965 Chrysler Newport, front seat

The interior was amazing and everything worked.

1965 Chrysler Newport, front seat and dash
1965 Chrysler Newport, front dash air conditioner 1965 Chrysler Newport, speedometer
1965 Chrysler Newport, headliner 1965 Chrysler Newport, rear seat
1965 Chrysler Newport, front door panel 1965 Chrysler Newport, front door bottom no rust

1965 Chrysler Newport, rear door panel
1965 Chrysler Newport, driver side 1965 Chrysler Newport, 383 engine

I bought the Chrysler and the owner drove it to my place, then helped me register the Mopar in my name. (Turns out that getting registration on an Australian license and having only hotel accommodation and very little documentation is difficult….) So the 1965 Chrysler Newport is in my name now. I don’t have a lot of background on the Newport other than the first owner had her up to 72,000 miles and the next guy was really only buying and selling as a hobby who fixed her up a little.

1965 Chrysler Newport, side view at night

Big Boody Judy is our nickname for this Chrysler. I drive her to work each day, been tuning her up on each trip (several sets of traffic lights). She’s going great, such a good ride!

I can't wait to set off on the trip of a lifetime across the US and Big Boody Judy is the perfect car to do it in.

If all goes well with the old girl between now and when my work ends here in the USA I plan on boxing her up and sending her back to Australia….It'll be the most unique car on the road. If the Chrysler makes it there, I will send a photo of it next to a kangaroo!

Thanks for all the information collected on the 1962 to 1965 Mopar website, it has been a great reference. I can now answer most questions thrown at me when I am filling her up at the gas pump.

1965 Chrysler Newport, rear

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