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1965 Plymouth Sport Fury

Matt Deemer writes:

Here are a few pictures of my car. I have owned it since 1980 and it has gone through a few changes since then.

1965 Plymouth Fury burn out

1965 Plymouth Fury in parking lot
In stock (as purchased) form it was a 383 automatic car with 3.23 gears. Currently it is a 440 car (manual shift) automatic with 3.91 gears. It has gone from 15.00 to 12.30 ET's.

1965 Plymouth Fury old interior 1965 Plymouth Fury current interior

The picture on the left is the interior that was in the Fury about ten years ago when I still had the factory seats. The current interior, on the right, looks almost the same. The only change was swapping the factory bucket seats for some (MUCH) lighter ones out of a 1989 Sundance. In addition, I took out the radio and clock, and installed factory Radio Delete and Clock delete plates to cover the holes. I have also removed the heater and carpet padding to save weight.

Also notice a Grant steering wheel, Moon Gauges, B and M Quicksilver shifter, and Sun Supertach. I hid the switches for the electric fuel pump and line lock, in the ash tray. I also added an eight ball shifter knob from Moon Equipment Company.

1965 Plymouth Fury at drags

I tried to retain the factory 1965 look and feel. My efforts have reduced the weight from 4200+ pounds to just under 3900 pounds -- despite adding frame connectors, drive shaft loop, and the extra carburetor!

1965 Plymouth Fury side view

1965 Plymouth Fury 440 engine
With the tunnel ram, I hope to break into the 11's.

1965 Plymouth Fury front

You can see the Hilborn scoop I added just for kicks:

1965 Plymouth Fury profile 1965 Plymouth Fury profile
As my car license plate reads, it is one "BAD VERT".

Thanks for your time. Excellent web site by the way.

Excellent BIG Mopar, Matt!

You've got a great combo there: Big Mopar style and top down excitement, PLUS big block power.

Good job!

Gary H.
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