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1962 Dart 330

April 2014 Mopar of the Month

Paul writes from New Zealand:  Gidday, I’ve been a motor mechanic since 1967, and specialized in auto transmissions since 1974. I’ve had 48 Mopars, ranging in years from 1928 Dodge Victory 6 thru to 1975 Plymouth Valiant. I saw It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World in 1964, and desired the 1962 Dart ever since.

1962 Dodge Dart 330 front

I bought my first Dart in 1972. Owned 7 since.

My latest Dart was driven by the proverbial one lady owner in LA, from new until 51,605 miles, when she put it in a concrete-floored barn in mid 1967. I bid on ebay for the Mopar, and had the car shipped from LA, to my town in New Zealand. The licence plate still has the 1967 to 1968 rego stickers on, and there is a still-legible Phillips 66 lube sticker on the door jamb with the last service on April 10, 1967, at 49,890 miles. The deluxe steering wheel is unmarked, as is the hood lining. I polished all stainless, had front and rear bumpers rechromed and the grille reanodized. The interior is original vinyl and cloth.

1962 Dodge Dart 330 interior
1962 Dodge Dart 330 318 engine

I ran the motor up, and was amazed it still had all compressions, and was quiet, even after not turning in 45 years.

1962 Dodge Dart 330 318 engine

The Mopar was a Power Pack 318. 2 door hardtop. But still only a 330 model, so few extras: radio delete; no windshield washers; no dipping rear view mirror; no reversing lights. All the 330 had was power steering, heater, and Torqueflite. The car needed painting. It was Polar white, and the new colour is a slightly fresher white.

1962 Dodge Dart 330 318 power pack decal on engine

I fitted a new front disk brake kit, and new 15"x7" mag wheels. New tinted windshield, as the original got smashed in the shipping container. I fitted a late 318 electronic distributor. The Power Pack, a $48 extra, has dual exhausts, a mild cam, 4 bbl carburetor, and recurved distributor. So 260 hp, up from 230.

I pulled the motor and auto, fitted new gaskets and seals externally, fitted new timing gear kit, repainted the engine in original colours, and freshened up the engine bay.

I also installed Koni front shocks and next fitted new front and rear sway bars to tie the 330 down.

Although the Mopar won’t be driven every day, (gas is $10 a gallon in my town), I will never sell this Dart 330, as the car represents the last classic USA automobile I’ll own.

1962 Dodge Dart 330 rear

The Dodge is running great. I’ve had the car vinned for the road. NZ has harsh rules for being able to register a “new” vehicle. All the Dart needed was one outer tie rod end. The NZ vinn guys said the 330 was the tidiest rust-free USA car they’d seen. My hard work paying off.

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Thanks Paul! Thanks for sharing your story and for giving the Dart 330 a nice new home down under in New Zealand! smile!

Gary H.

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