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1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible

April 2009 Mopar of the Month

Herb writes: My 1963 Sport Fury is a numbers matching survivor. The Plymouth has a solid rust free body with the original paint. It was originally purchased from Baker Motor Company Inc., in Greenville, South Carolina on March 29th 1963 —  selling for $4102.20.

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury passenger side

A 1959 4 door Ford was used as a trade-in, reducing the sale price to $2300.04.

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury passenger side

The second owner acquired the Plymouth around 1979 and used it as a fun car that was garage kept and only driven on sunny warm days with the top down.

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury driver side

The second owner tired of the car and I purchased it in 2007 with several mechanical and electrical problems and a well-worn interior.

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury driver side

Researching the fender tag [see below], I found the Mopar had a few changes over the years, such as a black top added at some time in its life. I have replaced it with the correct white top, overhauled the complete front end, repaired the oil leaks, and replaced the top mechanicals plus many other items. The Kelsey Hayes wheels on the Mopar were a Dealer installed option.

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury interior

The electrical problems have also been rectified. I replaced the worn interior with Legendary Auto Interiors parts and had the instrument cluster overhauled by Auto Instruments. The steering wheel was overhauled by PearlCraft Steering Wheels.

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury dash

My 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury is now very dependable, a joy to drive, and gets looks and comments everywere I go.

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury rear

In 2008 I received a third place at the Monster Mopar Show here in St. Louis and I was only about two thirds of the way through the restoration, and I am hoping I can do better in 2009!

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Fender Tag Decoded

The contents of the bottom line are 0312 0255 345 455 WW and this decodes as follows:

This is the date the car was scheduled to be produced. Model year production generally ran from Aug 1. To a date around the end of June, or beginning of July. This date varied year to year and plant to plant.

This number does not correspond to VIN. It appears on the Broadcast Sheet, and it is stamped into the radiator core support, usually on top or facing rear on the driver’s side of the core support. This helps tie the fender tag to the car.

Middle Line (ABCDEF...):

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury 361 engine

Top Line (abcdef...):

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Decoded

VIN: 3431182758

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Thanks Herb!

Stunning and awesome cruising Mopar machine!   smile!

Gary H.

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